How do I copy the path in the location bar as text?

Asked by anthropornis

I can't seem to figure out how to do this. In Nautilus I have to hit Ctrl+L to convert the breadcrumbs to text so I can copy and paste, and I think in Nautilus Elemtary I used a toolbar button to toggle the state of the path for similar usage.

In Marlin I try hitting Ctrl+L and it just gives me a cursor in the location bar, but I cannot select the path pieces.

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ammonkey (am-monkeyd) said :

The design of the pathbar is not achieved we got many things to fix and determine about its behavior, any suggestions welcomed. When u got the input focus just hit the left arow <- and the breadcrumb would transform into a path.

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anthropornis (anthropornis) said :

Okay I tried the left arrow, and it did transform part of the breadcrumb trail into a path, but not the entire breadcrumb trail. I could achieve that by hitting the left arrow, then home, then left arrow, then home, then left arrow ... but for a long breadcrumb trail that would take awhile.

At a minimum I think the Ctrl+L functionality would be more useful, or could at least complement the left arrow idea, if the left arrow idea serves a use case I am not thinking of.

I know some people viciously dislike buttons, but I think it would still be nice to have a button that I can ~optionally~ add to my toolbar to toggle the breadcrumb into a path that I can select and copy. This would complement the Ctrl+L keyboard shortcut. Perhaps button could not only convert the crumbs to a path, but perform a "select all" action on the whole path, and then perform a copy to clipboard action, all in one click. I think the only time I ever toggle crumbs to text is just to cut and paste the path somewhere else (e.g., into a script). And sometimes my cursor is already at the toolbar and a button is actually faster than a keyboard shortcut. Both prove useful to me.

I'd actually like to see many button options (e.g., a toggle view hidden items button, a new folder button) that I could add to the toolbar if I wanted to; if each additional button makes Marlin slower though, maybe each optional toolbar button could be implemented as a plugin?

Perhaps these configuration options (including enabling and adding toolbar buttons) could be separated out into a standalone GUI tool that does not have to be running when the actual file manager app is running, ~if~ adding a lot of configuration options to Marlin would slow it down (slowness of Nautilus has never been one of my complaints, honestly). For me personally configurability is more important than lightweight, but maybe they aren't mutually exclusive?

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jcarrete (juan-carretero) said :

Hello, This seems to have got nowhere since 2011 (at least not that I can see). So maybe by posting this it will catch one of the developers' attention again.

I have just installed Marlin as I like to be able to open new panes/columns when one selects folders. I had been looking for this for a while.

The only one thing that is currently preventing me from switching completely to Marlin (currently using default Files on Ubuntu 13.10) is that I cannot seem to be able to select the location from the location bar. That is, I am able to go to the location bar with the standard ctrl+l command. However, I cannot seem to easily just do ctrl+a (select all) and ctrl+c (copy to clipboard) so I can go paste the current location somewhere else. Instead, when I press ctrl+a (even when the cursor seems to be in the location bar) it is the files/folders in the current active column that are selected. Am I missing something?

As explained above, I have managed to select the text by moving the cursor one character at the time while pressing the shift key. And even then, the selection behaviour is not perfect. Also note that the cursor is barely visible (black on black), nor the selected text is really visible (barely any change in text highlight).

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