MariaDB 5.3.0 7 crash in 4 minutes

Asked by Gurvan on 2011-09-01


Centos 5.6 64Bits, 1800 databases 25GB, MariaDB 5.3.0 less than 24h. (Upgrade 5.1.50 -> 5.3.0).

I have the same problem as
I sent a comment with several logs.

First crash report
mysqld: misc.cpp:103: int __cxa_pure_virtual(): Assertion `!"Aborted: pure virtual method called."' failed.
mysqld: misc.cpp:103: int __cxa_pure_virtual(): Assertion `!"Aborted: pure virtual method called."' failed.

Second crash report many information :

Trying to get some variables.
Some pointers may be invalid and cause the dump to abort.
Query (0x463c428): SELECT mc.*,
                                                CASE mc.time_present
                                                when "00:00:00" then NULL
                                                else DATE_FORMAT(mc.time_present, "%H:%i")
                                                END AS time_present, divhome.shortname divhome,
                                       AS team1,
                                               AS team2,
                                               AS editor,
                                                        (Select count(
                                                         FROM jos_joomleague_match_player AS mp
                                                         WHERE mp.match_id =
                                                           AND (came_in=0 OR came_in=1)
                                                           AND mp.teamplayer_id in (
                                                             SELECT id
                                                             FROM jos_joomleague_team_player AS tp
                                                             WHERE tp.projectteam_id = mc.projectteam1_id
                                                         ) AS homeplayers_count,
                                                        (Select count(
                                                         FROM jos_joomleague_match_staff AS ms
                                                         WHERE ms.match_id =
                                                           AND ms.team_staff_id in (
                                                             SELECT id
                                                             FROM jos_joomleague_team_staff AS ts
                                                             WHERE ts.projectteam_id = mc.projectteam1_id
                                                        ) AS homestaff_count,
Connection ID (thread ID): 13874

All other crash (except Seven crash) as the same log.

I moved the database and start MariaDB. It is again stable.
I will restart the database in a VM for many test but im not an expert.

Are there any special settings to do to get accurate information?


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Sergei Golubchik (sergii) said : #1

few comments:

1. This is not the same issue as - it has a very different stack trace
2. could you please submit it as a separate bug report?
3. please mention the stack trace in the bug report (basically, what you've pasted to the comment to the bug 759016), but also
add a *complete query text* - you can see that query text was truncated in the crash report, we need to see it in full.

Philip Stoev (pstoev-askmonty) said : #2


The query reported is from the JoomLeague open source application, so I was able to obtain the entire query test. After simplification, it seems that there is a bug with CASE + datetime handling:

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