Magick Rotation install under Ubuntu 14.04

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Magick Rotation was perfect with my Fujitsu stylistic running ubuntu 12.04

I made a clean ubuntu 14.04 install and fail to install magic rotation.
I face the same problem as the one described in the last question/answer about ubuntu 13.10 :

   File "MAGICK-INSTALL", line 96, in <module>
    usr_for_group + "'"
   NameError: name 'sudo' is not defined

I've added "gksu" package.
After providing my password, here is the following error message :

   "There are no package managers that are compatible
    with this installer. Please read INSTALLER.txt
    for manual installation instructions."

I just find there is a unstable 1.7 version.
I'll try it. But im not confident with source code files ...
Maybe with Bazaar.

Thanks for your job and any help if possible,
patrick pvdh

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patrick (patrick-vanderheyden) said :

After some research and test, Magick rotation working fine under ubuntu 14.04 with my Fujitsu-siemens Tablet T4215 :

After a clean install of Ubuntu 14.04, I've downloaded MagickRotation ve 1.7 from launchpad and uncompressed the tarball.
Then, installation of python-appindicator from the software center.
Following with a manual install as described in the installer.txt file :

sudo apt-get install gcc libx11-dev libxrandr-dev

cd /home/UserName/FolderOfMagickRotation

gcc check.c -o checkmagick32 -lX11 -lXrandr

sudo mv /home/UserName/FolderOfMagickRotation/checkmagick32 /usr/bin/checkmagick32

sudo cp /home/UserName/FolderOfMagickRotation/62-magick.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/62-magick.rules

sudo groupadd magick

sudo gpasswd -a pv magick

Then Restarted my computer.
The application doesn't start automatically.
In a terminal, when i start the application with /home/UserName/FolderOfMagickRotation/magick-rotation,
it seems to lack a file named « magick-rotation.xml ». But the process continue, and an icon appear in the upper bar : the application is launched and Magick rotation is running !
After a right click on the icon, i choose Setup and make some changes in the advanced menu.
Then Save the settings by clicking the appropriate Tab. This result in the creation of the missing « magick-rotation.xml ».
Exiting the terminal, restart my computer and everything is ok ! Works fine.

Except the special buttons on the screen, but i don't need them. There are posts about this in the forums, so when i'll have time ...

Thanks a lot Favux for this application.