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Asked by Alfonso

Hello, i try to call magic rotation from rotate-button on the right side in screen.
My Tablet is HP touchsmart tx2-1380la
Maybe you help me with this issue..


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Best Favux (favux-is) said :

Hi Alfonso,

I believe only one of the 3 bezel buttons on a HP TX2z works with the current kernels. I don't think it is the rotate button. You can find out which is working by testing with xev and seeing which one gives output and what the keycode is.

This is one reason to use Magick Rotation. It does not need to be assigned a button to work.

If you wanted to, you could use Magick's rotation engine xrotate.py, as a stand alone rotation script. The command for a launcher or key binding would be: ./xrotate.py
Using the path to wherever you placed xrotate.py of course and provided it was executable. That will rotate the tablet counterclockwise in 90 degree steps. To specify direction use either normal | left | right | inverted as in: ./xrotate.py right

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Alfonso (alfpalomares) said :

Hi Favux, it's true. Only know one button ubuntu's kernel. Just make an script and added this when the button is press.
Thanks for your help!

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Michael Heyns (mike-bean-heyns) said :

I got all 3 Q-buttons working under 11.04 by patching the xf86-input-wacom-0.10.10 drivers with http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3165586&group_id=69596&atid=525126.

Then using xbindkeys and xbindkeys-config with buttons: b:17 , b:18 and b:19

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Favux (favux-is) said :

Wow! That is superb Michael! If we have the bezel button problem solved that would be so great.

I am embarrassed because I remember looking at compholio (Erich)'s post but didn't make the connection with other HP models. I don't think I even looked at his patch. Who would have thought making a change in wcmISDV4.c is what was needed for HP usb tablet bezel button support? I assume you have the TX2z?

It'll probably be a while before I can get around to testing that on my HP TX2000. But I'm hopeful. Do you need to use xbindkeys for the xsetwacom button assignments or would Compiz be a possibility? Anyway before we could submit a patch we'd need to be sure we don't interfere with any tablet buttons. With 13 # Rotate, 14 # Writing tool, 15 # Onscreen keyboard we would because I believe the Cintiqs have 24 buttons. Since there are 32 possible I think, we should be able to do it.