Ambiance icons for more integration in ubuntu?

Asked by cm-t 🦄🏂🌈🎵

I have the default theme for ubuntu, but these icons green and red attracts the eye a bit.
I made these icons as example (I am not a graphic designer, so apology it is a bit dirty, but it shows the idea) →
What do you think/plan?

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Favux (favux-is) said :

Hi cm-t,

Thank you for your question and proposed icon set. Attracting the eye is/was the point. So I'm glad they are doing that. Like a traffic light with green for go/on and red for stop/off.

Unfortunately the green curved arrow icon is now our "brand". There were many more versions of Magick before we moved it to Launchpad. The green arrow has been with it for probably around a thousand downloads. So Magick hidden in the shadow and looking like a shadow when at tray icon size, with the curved green arrow being rotation is our brand.

Admittedly the icon was designed in Intrepid with a custom theme and looking at it in the new Ambiance I can see why you might find it clashes. How would it be if we included your icon set as an alternative set for dark themes like Ambiance?

Can you give me a link to your icons at say a minimum of 256x256 pixels or as svg's? Also did you make them yourself? Or if not can you link me to where you got them? We need to be sure they have an open source license/copyright (Creative Commons?).

Would you be willing to work on them a little if needed? At one point I looked into an icon with a magic wand/stylus and a top hat, but couldn't find a way to make the top hat symbolize rotation, short of an animation of it spinning. And spinning the magic wand (changing it's angle) seemed too subtle. So your stylus resonates with me and it is easily understood the hand is for touch. White or off white for on and grayed for off is what you prefer? I'd like the stylus and hand together when both Magick and touch are enabled. I think the hand being grayed out would be a clear enough indicator touch is disabled if the magic wand is still visible enough. What do you think? It'd take some work to make them fit together and we might decide we can't make it look right.

Or as an alternative thought, do you suppose more muted greens and reds with the current icon set would work for you in Ambiance?

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cm-t 🦄🏂🌈🎵 (cm-t) said :

Hi Favux (and sorry for the late)

Skinable icon set would be a great idea :)
but in the while, a muted color set can be enought to be in the middle beetwen the magick-rotation identity and native feelings into ubuntu.

About my theme, there are 2 part
• The stylus, made on my own, WTF Public licence, but useless because i didn't make svg source, only rush to this 32px (and because and didn't found one on the next document linked)
• The hand is from the (Unity Gesture UI Guidelines in toolkit): (many choice in the 4.*) and i think an svg can be found.

(as i said im not designer ^^)


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