I'd like to help test the upcoming version of Magick Rotation. How do I do it?

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The testing branch is labelled "unstable". The simplest way to test the current version is to click on the Code tab in the top left corner. On the line labelled "lp:magick-rotation/unstable" click on the blue rev. number in front of the "Last Commit". Then click on "download tarball" to download it. Once you extract the tarball you'll find several nested folders. The one labelled "unstable" should contain the Magick Rotation source files and folders. Rename the folder from unstable to magick-rotation if you like. You can then proceed to use and test the latest version as if it was a release tarball.

To work with the code you might want to download the Bazaar version of the unstable, or testing, branch of Magick Rotation. To do that you need Bazaar. It should already be installed on your system. If not search Synaptic Package Manager or Software Center for 'bazaar' or 'bzr' and install it. The Bazaar website is: http://bazaar.canonical.com/en/

To download the unstable branch open a terminal and change directories to the directory you want it in. Then enter:
    bzr branch lp:magick-rotation/unstable

A folder will appear called unstable (instead of magick-rotation) and it will have all the files for a testing version of Magick Rotation. You can install the Bazaar version as usual. Be sure to right click on the Magick tray icon and chose quit to shut down the current version of Magick. Then double click on the magick-rotation file in the unstable folder.

To update your branch of unstable when revisions/commits are made at the Magick Rotation Launchpad site simply change directory into the unstable folder and enter:
    bzr pull