Missing "Magento information" tab in product form

Asked by Hillebrand Dalstra on 2011-01-06


Working with the latest trunk version on OpenERP and the Magento Open ERP Connector v6.
Everything seems to be working fine except I am missing the "Magento information" tab in the product form.
The "Magento information" tab does appear in the customers form as expected.
Though it might have something to do access rights but with full "Admin" access right I still have the same problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks !


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I found out that the "Magento information" tab in the product form does show for a product with the "Default" attribute set selected.
When an other attribute set is selected the "Magento information" tab disappears.

Probably I need to configure something but out of ideas.

Found the problem myself.
Products were not placed in the right categories.

Kyle Waid (midwest) said : #3

I have the same problem, I can only view the magento information tab when I go sales>products by attribute set. There it lists all the attributes and options from the magento database columns
But when I go to products>products or products>products by category there is not magento information tab.

Kyle Waid (midwest) said : #4


Hi Kyle,

Thought I had the problem solved last Friday but when I look at it today the issue still persists.
Not sure if it is a misconfiguration issue of a bug.

Did you get any further?

Best Colm (colml) said : #6

I believe this behavior is intentional, not a bug or misconfiguration. The Magento attributes for a product are only displayed when selecting products by attribute set.

Kyle Waid (midwest) said : #7

Yes, I have studied the code in this regard and what you say is true. We intend to fund improvements to this feature this week hopefully. You see the data in those columns and tables have no value in OpenERP so I am sure they put the data there for informal purposes only. The good thing is that the data is there, the structure matches the magento database, even custom columns. We want it so in the regular product form that data is all shown, "all magento relational columns like attributes, custom attributes and so on" so when we create and export products from OpenERP "should be done this way anyway" they get exported to magento will all of the correct data so no configuration is required on the magento side.

Hopefully even we could create configurable products, bundled products, and such features found in Magento, in one product form in Openerp and a one click button or even automation pushes that data back to magento. Very nice indeed.

Thanks Colm, that solved my question.