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Asked by ntrubert-cobweb on 2010-08-24

As there are Magento Meta Information by product and translation available, is there possibility to synchronize translation between Openerp and Magento?
If yes is it by shop relation ?
One language one shop ?

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ntrubert-cobweb (ntrubert) said : #1

The answer is no, "Magento Open ERP Connector" is not ready yet to manage language import export.

base_external referentials call magento API without store_view parameter

def ext_create(self, cr, uid, data, conn, method, oe_id, context):
        return, data , <we have to add store_view code here according to the language context>)

def try_ext_update(self, cr, uid, data, conn, method, oe_id, external_id, ir_model_data_id, create_method, context):
       return, [external_id, data], <we have to add store_view code here according to the language context>)

I gonna add blueprints

ntrubert-cobweb (ntrubert) said : #2

blueprints already exists sorry for that.

We totaly can manage the langage when we export product from openerp to magento.
You just have to select the correct langage in OpenERP for each storeview. (You can do it from the shop view.)
Also you have select the default langage of your magento instance from the menu magento instance.

Importing product from magento to openerp in multi langage is not posible right now, If your are interested by this functionality, you can contact us.