ORGANISATION: Core editors of Magentoerpconnect

Created by Raphaël Valyi - on on 2011-06-20
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Raphaël Valyi - on on 2011-06-20

the core editors of magentoerpconnect are:

the projects starters:

those who catch bandwagon later thanks to significant contributions:


the core editors are the most committed to the project. Their contributions has been measured via their total BZR Karma in the the project (see Bazaar Branches Karma here ). They have got the right to commit into the main project branches and are considered the best integrator to contact for a Magento - OpenERP project: who better than the main committers know the project?

By contracting with them you'll also ensure you put money to make magentoerpconnect a better project as those companies are the one that contribute the most to the project. Most of them are also OpenERP partners, meaning they also support the OpenERP editor also financially.

core editors might use the magentoerpconnect official logo and call them "core editors". Illegitimate usage of the core editor label will likely result into a public lynching of the offending entity by the core editors. If you want to become acknowledged as a core magentoerpconnect editor, the door is open but you should first contribute a significant quantity of improvements.