Why the application always says "Nothing has been searched"?

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When the window shows this message, it means that lrcShow-X can not search any result or the search has returned no results.

In the first case, generally speaking, you should ensure the media files have sufficient tags information, at least "artist" and "title", and check that the information displayed in media player is correct.

In the second situation, you could change the search engine and try again, or try using the advanced search interface.
But indeed, you still may not avoid this problem even you have done everything correctly, because the current internet search engines are not suite for your native language.
The current search engines are good at searching English and Simplified (Traditional) Chinese songs, just having a little abilities on searching other languages. In this case, the only thing we could do is add new search engine to fit for your native language. lrcShow-X team would appreciate your help of advising new website for searching lyrics in other languages.

Of course, you could make a .lrc file by yourself. It's very simple, just paste the plain lyrics text into the LRC editor, and the insert time tags.