How to configure LottaNZB not to automatically decode/unrar?

Asked by Kenny


I would prefer to do the decode/unrar of the downloaded files myself (the resulting file maybe very big and I have to move it to another location before decode/unrar) but it seems that LottaNZB will do that automatically. Any idea?


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Kenny (kennykmchan) said :

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Severin Heiniger (severinh) said :

You can disable the automatic extraction of completed downloads in the preferences window (Edit -> Preferences -> Extract RAR archives in competed downloads).

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Kenny (kennykmchan) said :

Thanks, actually I have that option unchecked. I believe my problem is not that LottaNZB automatically decode for me, it seems to be that I have the PAR2 downloaded too and PAR2 automatically "join" all those xxxx.001, xxxx.002, xxxx.003, etc file for me to come up the the final xxxx.avi, so the question is can I have LottaNZB to stop doing that for me?

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freddy3980 (freddy3980) said :

PAR2 doesn't unrar... make sure that the option "Extract RAR archives in completed downloads" is uncheck....

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Kenny (kennykmchan) said :

Freddy, thanks for the update I know that PAR2 does not do UNRAR but for certain post in newsgroup if the poster have the big file (eg. a tv episode) breaking up into smaller chucks and named as xxxx.001, xxxx.002, etc, PAR2 will do the checking and then combine all these 001, 002, 003, etc into the original file. I don't want LottaNZB to do that for me as the final file maybe too big and I don't have enough room in the file system to handle that.

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Severin Heiniger (severinh) said :

Hi Kenny,

sorry for not getting back to you earlier. HellaNZB does the actual work for LottaNZB, but it's not developed anymore to our regret. I had a quick look at the source code of HellaNZB and it looks like it will always combine such files no matter if the automatic extraction is enabled or not. And we cannot change that behaviour, unfortunately.

So what you could do is moving the hidden .hellanzb directory in your home directory to a location with more space available. This means that splitted files will be combined there. This also means that you will need to edit paths in the HellaNZB configuration file (~/.lottanzb/hellanzb.conf) on your own, because LottaNZB doesn't provide a graphical way to do so. You will find multiple options with a value starting with "/home/you/.hellanzb/" that need to be adjusted.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more information!

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freddy3980 (freddy3980) said :

Sorry Kenny, I miss understood you....

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