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Asked by freddy3980 on 2008-09-20

Hi all, this is not a question but actually a request. I found this script in python (NZBStats http://nerdsonlinux.com/x-chat-plugins/nzbstats/) for XChat that displays HellaNZB statistics in a channel. it does work for LottaNZB since its just a gui for HellaNZB, I did some editing to that script to show that's for LottaNZB... I want to request that my edited file can be downloaded from LottaNZB website.. Please let me know if you guys want that file and if so, where can i upload it. Thank you.


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Severin Heiniger (severinh) said : #1

Hi Freddy,

your the first person to "create" an extension for LottaNZB, congratulations! However, I'm probably not going to publish your script for the time being. I guess you changed all occurrences of the name "HellaNZB" to "LottaNZB" in the original script and nothing else. As you said, LottaNZB is just a GUI for HellaNZB and it doesn't make use of DBus, XMLRPC or something similar (yet) which would enable other programs (your script) to control the HellaNZB instance LottaNZB is currently connected to. So people would still need to adjust the 'server' variable in the "LottaNZB-XChat script".

This HellaNZB XChat plugin isn't currently listed on hellanzb.com and that's exactly the place where it belongs to. So I encourage you to feature it there.

We might add a link pointing to hellanzb.com and tell the users that extensions to various applications can be downloaded there. We might even put together a short list of HellaNZB extensions that could be of interest to LottaNZB users.


Severin Heiniger (severinh) said : #2

Thanks alot for nearly completing the Spanish translation of LottaNZB! Your help is greatly appreciated. There will be some more string to translate in LottaNZB 0.4.

freddy3980 (freddy3980) said : #3

Thanks for the suggestion, i will see if i can post on HellaNZB's website. About the translation, your welcome... i'll see if i can get more free time to do some more translations... bye.