Automated Par check & Un-rar

Asked by erik070 on 2008-07-07

I know it's possible to automate Par checking and Unrarring with Hellanzb.

I'm using Lottanzb in stand-alone mode, is it still possible to automate this?
I think the config file (~./lottanzb/hellanzb.conf) is setup correctly, the "Skip unraring during post-processing" is set to false and also checked "Path to the (un)rar command" which is set to /usr/bin/unrar (also tried unrar-free).

Hellanzb.conf file: (XXXXX = private info)

# HellaNZB configuration file - Managed by LottaNZB

defineServer(id = "Default Server", username = "XXXXXX", password = "XXXXXX", antiIdle = 270, connections = 8, ssl = False, hosts = [XXXXXXXX:119'])
defineMusicType("wav", None, None)
defineMusicType("mp3", None, None)

# Force umask
# HellaNZB inherits the umask from the current user's environment (unless it's running in daemon mode).
# Hellanzb.UMASK = 0

# Alternative NZB file extensions
# List of alternative file extensions matched as NZB files in the QUEUE_DIR. The 'nzb' file extension is always matched.

# Enable Mac OS X Growl notifications
Hellanzb.GROWL_NOTIFY = False

# File types to keep
# Don't get rid of (move into the PROCESSED dir) these file types when finished post processing. Case insensitive.
Hellanzb.KEEP_FILE_TYPES = ['nfo', 'txt']

# Current download directory
# The NZB file currently being downloaded is stored here.
Hellanzb.CURRENT_DIR = "/home/erik/.hellanzb/nzb/daemon.current/"

# Location of HellaNZB's state file
# This file is used to store HellaNZB's state when HellaNZB isn't running. The state is intermittently written out as XML to this file. It includes the order of the queue, and SmartPAR recovery information.
Hellanzb.STATE_XML_FILE = "/home/erik/.hellanzb/nzb/hellanzbState.xml"

# Directory prefix
# This property doesn't have any effect in stand-alone mode.
Hellanzb.PREFIX_DIR = "/home/erik/.hellanzb/"

# Number of log files to be backed up

# Maximum amount of memory used to cache encoded article data segments
# HellaNZB will write article data to disk when this cache is exceeded. Available settings: -1 for unlimited size, 0 to disable cache (only cache to disk), > 0 to limit cache to this size, in bytes, KB, MB, e.g. 1024 '1024KB' '100MB' '1GB'.
Hellanzb.CACHE_LIMIT = 0

# Enable libnotify daemon notifications

# growl notification server
Hellanzb.GROWL_SERVER = "IP"

# Directory containing postponed downloads
# Archives interrupted in the middle of downloading are stored here temporarily.
Hellanzb.POSTPONED_DIR = "/home/erik/.hellanzb/nzb/daemon.postponed/"

# Working directory
# The archive currently being downloaded is stored here.
Hellanzb.WORKING_DIR = "/home/erik/.hellanzb/nzb/daemon.working/"

# Max files to decompress at the same time

# Directory containing processed files
# Sub directory within the NZB archive directory to move processed files to.
Hellanzb.PROCESSED_SUBDIR = "processed"

# Maximum download speed
# Limit all server connections to the specified KB/s.
Hellanzb.MAX_RATE = 350

# Path to the (un)rar command
Hellanzb.UNRAR_CMD = "/usr/bin/unrar"

# XML RPC password
# You might probably never use this, but the command line XML RPC calls do - it should definitely be changed from its default value. The XML RPC username is hardcoded as 'hellanzb'.
Hellanzb.XMLRPC_PASSWORD = "changeme"

# Disable ALL ANSI color codes in the main screen
# For terminals that don't support ANY ANSI codes.
Hellanzb.DISABLE_ANSI = False

# Maximum log file size
# Automatically roll over both log files when they reach LOG_FILE_MAX_BYTES size.

# Path to the par2 command
Hellanzb.PAR2_CMD = "/usr/bin/par2"

# Processing directory
# Archives currently being processed are stored here. It may contains archive directories or symbolic links to archive directories.
Hellanzb.PROCESSING_DIR = "/home/erik/.hellanzb/nzb/daemon.processing/"

# growl password
Hellanzb.GROWL_PASSWORD = "password"

# NZB queue delay
# Delay enqueueing new, recently modified NZB files added to the QUEUE_DIR until this many seconds have passed since the NZB's last modification time. Defaults to 10 seconds.
Hellanzb.NZBQUEUE_MDELAY = 10.0

# Support extracting NZBs from ZIP files with this suffix in QUEUE_DIR
# Defaults to ''. Set to False to disable. Case insensitive.
Hellanzb.NZB_ZIPS = ""

# Queue directory
# Queued .nzb files are stored here.
Hellanzb.QUEUE_DIR = "/home/erik/.hellanzb/nzb/daemon.queue/"

# Log file
# Log output to the specified file. Set to None for no logging.
Hellanzb.LOG_FILE = "/home/erik/.hellanzb/log"

# Download directory
# Completed downloads go here. Depending on your configuration, the downloaded archives will already be validated and extracted.
Hellanzb.DEST_DIR = "/media/Downloads/Newsgroup/complete"

# username
# Username to for automatic NZB downloading

# Debug log file
# Log debug messages to the specified file.
# Hellanzb.DEBUG_MODE = ""

# Optional external handler script
# HellaNZB will run this script after post processing an archive.

# Skip unraring during post-processing
Hellanzb.SKIP_UNRAR = False

# XML RPC port number
# Port number the XML RPC server will listen on, and the client will connect to. None for no XML RPC server.
Hellanzb.XMLRPC_PORT = 8760

# Support extracting NZBs from GZIP files with this suffix in QUEUE_DIR
# Defaults to '.nzb.gz'. Set to False to disable. Case insensitive.
Hellanzb.NZB_GZIPS = ".nzb.gz"

# XML RPC hostname
# Hostname for the XML RPC client to connect to. Defaults to 'localhost'.
Hellanzb.XMLRPC_SERVER = "localhost"

# Path to the optional macbinconv command
# This command is used to convert MacBinary files
# Hellanzb.MACBINCONV_CMD = None

# Temporary storage directory
Hellanzb.TEMP_DIR = "/home/erik/.hellanzb/nzb/daemon.temp/"

# Categorize downloads
# Save archives into a sub directory of DEST_DIR named after their category (when queued using the enqueuenewzbin XML RPC call); e.g. Apps, Movies, Music

# password
# Password to for automatic NZB downloading

# Remove the PROCESSED_SUBDIR if the archive was successfully post-processed
# Warning: The normal LOG_FILE should be enabled with this option - for a record of what hellanzb deletes.

# Disable ANSI color codes in the main screen
# Preserves the in place scroller.
Hellanzb.DISABLE_COLORS = False

# Download PARs only if necessary
Hellanzb.SMART_PAR = True

# Not required file types
# If any of the following file types are missing from the archive and cannot be repaired, continue processing because they're unimportant. Case insensitive.
Hellanzb.NOT_REQUIRED_FILE_TYPES = ['log', 'm3u', 'nfo', 'nzb', 'sfv', 'txt']

# Bind XML RPC server to IP address
# IP address on which the XML RPC server will be bound to. '' for any interfaces, '' will disable remote access.

Have I overlooked an option which enables/disables this function?

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Severin Heiniger (severinh) said : #1

Hi erik070,

I don't see any reason why automatic validation and extraction of finished downloads wouldn't work with your configuration. Does HellaNZB put out any error message while post-processing a download? Have a look at /home/erik/.hellanzb/log. Sorry for not being more helpful.

erik070 (erik-troost) said : #2

I see that Hellanzb logs an error:

2008-07-02 21:53:37,065 INFO wiierd-ssbb-FTA: Unraring wiierd-ssbb.rar..
2008-07-02 22:08:51,328 ERROR wiierd-ssbb-FTA: A problem occurred: FatalError'>: There was a problem during unrar, output:

unrar 0.0.1 Copyright (C) 2004 Ben Asselstine, Jeroen Dekkers

Extracting from /home/erik/.hellanzb/nzb/daemon.processing/wiierd-ssbb-FTA/wiierd-ssbb.rar

Extracting wiierd-ssbb.iso Failed

1 Failed

Severin Heiniger (severinh) said : #3

You seem to be encountering the same "bug" as rabside (

You were using unrar-free when this FatalError arised during the download's post-processing. If you get the same error when using the proprietary unrar (you claim to already have tried this: Please ensure that LottaNZB is properly shut down and the HellaNZB daemon isn't running anymore before you edit the configuration file), I don't have any other explanation than that something is wrong with the downloaded archives.

If it works fine using unrar, the archives must be using a more recent RAR feature that unrar-free doesn't support.

erik070 (erik-troost) said : #4

The last download, strange enough, unrarred oke.
Will check the archives, maybe there is an other problem with the ones I've downloaded earlier.

Sorry to have bothered you with my problem and ones again thanks for the help. Never experienced faster service then this (not even in a fast-food restaurant). Keep up the good work.