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Asked by cap9qd on 2008-04-03

This is more of a statement but i wanted to let you and/or the maintainer of the Gentoo Overlay that I ran into a problem. I had installed pygtk 2.10.6 which ran all the alpha releases of LottaNZB however when I upgraded and installed LottaNZB from the portage overlay it would not run the main screen; it would run the setup but would give me an error and fail to start (I think it was something to the effect "no attribute named 'get_screen'" or something like that. Anyway...I upgraded my pyGTK to version 2.12 and everything works great. This could be avoided by requiring a minimum version of pyGTK in the ebuild in the overlay. Just my 2c...Im not a programmer or pretend to be a Gentoo dev or anything...just a user.

Also...I have been following this project from the beginning and let me say I am very impressed! Thanks for the GREAT app! No more using the PHP web interface. Thanks!

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Best Severin Heiniger (severinh) said : #1

Hi cap9pd,

thanks for reporting this glitch! I'm not the creator and maintainer of the Gentoo overlay (I'm not even a Gentoo user ;-)) but I've just commited a small fix to the LottaNZB code trunk that aims to fix this problem. This "get_screen" method is only available in newer versions of pyGTK as you've noticed but it's not required to be able to run LottaNZB. It's only for graphical purposes (translucent windows for GTK engines which support this).

I'm not sure if this is the only thing that would need to be changed to make LottaNZB run with older version of pyGTK. In the meanwhile we might consider adding an appropriate dependency to the Gentoo overlay and the Debian package, just as you've suggested it.

The 0.2 release is close. Stay tuned!

cap9qd (curtis-parrott) said : #2

I am also running Compiz so that might have something to do with it too (due to the translucent windows). Thanks again!

Severin Heiniger (severinh) said : #3

Well, it's a bit strange. The "get_screen" was introduced long before 2.10 (2.2 to be exact). But support for translucent windows was not added until 2.10. I thought it wouldn't hurt disarming a code section which is not essential for the application but which might lead to a crash in some cases. ;-)