Unable to create directory for option: Hellanzb.DEST_DIR (Error 13, Permission denied)

Created by Severin Heiniger on on 2009-05-24
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Severin Heiniger on on 2009-05-24

Read on if you get an error message similar to the following one when you want to start LottaNZB.

Exiting: Fatal Error'>: Unable to create directory for option: HellaNZB.DEST_DIR
dirName: /media/disk error: [Errno 13]
Permission denied : '/media/disk'

It looks like the download directory you selected in LottaNZB might have been a Windows partition or a USB stick/hard drive. Whatever it was, it could be found in the /media/disk directory. Now it looks like this directory doesn't exist anymore and that's why you get the error message when starting LottaNZB.

You might have unplugged the hard drive or the directory has been renamed for some reason.

The problem is that you cannot select a new directory when starting LottaNZB when this error is displayed. Until we offer the possibility to do this (and this is definitely a good idea), you will need to change or reset the LottaNZB configuration by hand.

Please close the LottaNZB window before proceeding.

The easiest way to fix the problem is by deleting the hidden directory called ".lottanzb" in your home directory (you can make it visible using Ctrl-H). This will reset the configuration and you will need to enter the server information and select the download directory again when you start LottaNZB afterwards.

On the other hand, you could edit the file hellanzb.conf in this hidden directory and change the options Hellanzb.DEST_DIR = "/media/disk" to the right directory.