Create branches through loggerhead

Asked by beniwtv on 2009-03-10


Is it possible to create branches and tags through loggerhead? If not, is it planned?

That would be an awesome feature, since then we would have a complete web GUI environment for bzr, which all users can use. Would it be difficult if I'd like to have a go at it?


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Martin Pool (mbp) said : #1

It's not possible at the moment. It would not be all that hard though, because Loggerhead can use the bzrlib api and and it would be an interesting/cool feature. If you're interested in starting on it, have a look at <> and the pages linked from there, and please do ask if you want more guidance, either here or on the list.

Hi Martin,

I have been using Python quite a lot and the bzr API seems reasonable clean enough, so I definitively want to have a go at it. I don't know Loggerhead's code-base yet, so if you can give me a few directions, it would be great.

Also, I'm thinking about the implementation in the UI. I initially thought to add two links to the branches/directory browser, like 'Create branch here' and 'Create directory' here, but I realize not all people use the directory browser the same way (Basically, I have one directory per server, and all the branches for that server reside in that directory). What are your thoughts on this/any ideas about the UI it would have?


Best Martin Pool (mbp) said : #3

Can I suggest we take this to the <email address hidden> list where more people can participate in it?

Thanks Martin Pool, that solved my question.