How do you get a version-agnostic view of a file?

Asked by Duncan McGreggor on 2008-06-02

I wanted to provide a link to a file on launchpad (a bzr web view) but I wanted it to be the latest version of the file, not a specific version.

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Duncan McGreggor
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Duncan McGreggor (oubiwann) said : #1

On in #launchpad, spiv (Andrew Bennetts) answered with the following:

"I believe there's some magic URL hacking you can do, something like "head:" or similar.
You can also replace the ?file_id=xxx with /path, e.g.,"

That worked perfectly.

Thanks Andrew!

Russ Brown (pickscrape) said : #2

Would it be possible to provide a link to this URL somewhere, so it doesn't need to be manually constructed? We have a need to use quite a lot of these, so such a link would be very useful.

Martin Albisetti (beuno) said : #3

This is already the default in loggerhead trunk.
head: is always the tip, which is what you can consider "version agnostic" in a VCS

Russ Brown (pickscrape) said : #4

Aha, perfect. The version we had didn't have this. Excellent, thanks. :)