LoggerHead : Is there any way to block users from downloading files from the repository

Asked by Vijaya Kumar on 2012-03-12

Any way to block users from downloading file from the repository using LoggerHead?
We need some control on it, since it is open to all and everyone can download all project files.

Option 1) Team1 should be able to download all files and Team2 shouldn't see the download option.
Option 2) Disable the download option for all.

FYI., i dont want to do this in apache by giving additional login credentials for users

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Are you talking about running your own local instance of Loggerhead?

Vijaya Kumar (vijayakumar-cm) said : #2

yes.. I'm running this loggerhead on my project.
It has several repositories and everyone can access all of those. Issue is everyone can also download those project files, so i want them to protect from downloading all files..

Is there any option just to restrict the download files option via logger head?

Martin Pool (mbp) said : #3

Not at present. You could patch loggerhead to add this, or you can just
block people from the whole repository.

Francis J. Lacoste (flacoste) said : #4

That's not directly related to Loggerhead, but there is sloecode that allows you to set up ACL on bazaar repositories:

Vijaya Kumar (vijayakumar-cm) said : #5

how exactly this option (--prefix) works ?

I run this command - ./serve-branches --port=8080 --prefix=/loggerhead /bzr

I'm able to open loggerhead in - http://host.com:8080/

Martin Pool (mbp) said : #6

.. cmdoption:: --prefix

    Set the supplied value as the CGI ``SCRIPT_NAME`` for the application.

    This option is intended for use when serving Loggerhead behind a
    reverse proxy, with Loggerhead being "mounted" at a directory below
    the root. E.g., if the reverse proxy translates requests for
    ``http://example.com/loggerhead`` onto the standalone Loggerhead process,
    that process should be run with ``--prefix=/loggerhead``.

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