How do I install Listaller?

Asked by Jean.c.h on 2010-09-03

Hi there,
I currently have a custom Ubuntu installation and i'd like to try Listaller on it. Im fairly new to linux and trying to understand the setup system of package management.
With packagekit it goes, apt->packagekit->packagekit-gnome/kpackagekit.

With listaller, does it go apt->listaller(which includes packagekit, listaller and listaller gui?
or is it apt->packagekit->listaller->listaller gui?

If it the later, do i need to install packagekit seperately or is it included in the listaller installer via the PPA?


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Matthias Klumpp (ximion) said : #1

If you added the PPA, running "sudo apt-get install listaller-gtk" (for the GTK+ version) or "sudo apt-get install listaller-qt" (Qt4 version) will pull all necessary components from the repos, including PackageKit.
(The PPA contains an older version of Listaller, but it is usable for testing although it does not provide the full spectrum of possible features)

Jean.c.h (slug71) said : #2

Thanks Matthias. So Packagekit is still a seperate dependency then?.
Will it be a problem if i already have it installed?

Matthias Klumpp (ximion) said : #3

No, Listaller actually uses PackageKit to manage installed applications. (It interfaces with PackageKit to have access to the distribution's repos)
There's a discussion about making Listaller a part of PackageKit, but we haven't made a decision about this yet.
So in short: Having PackageKit installed is essential for Listaller, it's nothing bad. It just saves you some MB to download.

Jean.c.h (slug71) said : #4

Thanks again Matthias. Thats perfect as i have the 'smart' backend attached to packagekit at the moment so having /etc/Packagekit is nice and gives easy access to packagekit.conf to change the backend.
I'd like to eventually replace apt with smartpm.

I think this will make for a nice system since smart, packagekit and Listaller are all cross-distro.

Jean.c.h (slug71) said : #5

Where would the new app-install(being discussed on the Packagekit mailing list) tie into Listaller. Is that just like a Software Sources?

Jean.c.h (slug71) said : #6

Just tried to install Listaller on my Maverick custom system and received the following:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
 listaller-gtk : Depends: libinstaller0.4.0 but it is not going to be installed
                 Depends: libpackagekit-glib2-12 but it is not installable

Will try it on my custom Lucid install.

Matthias Klumpp (ximion) said : #7

How do you try to install it? Apt-get should pull libinstaller and libpackagekit-glib2 automatically. (For maverick I might need to rebuild Listaller to catch the latest PK package, but libinstaller should be installed)

Jean.c.h (slug71) said : #8

Installed nicely on my custom Lucid install.

Jean.c.h (slug71) said : #9

I added the repo and ran sudo apt-get install listaller-gtk.

I think maverick's 'libpackagekit-glib2-12' is up to 2-14/16. Thats where that problem lies.

Matthias Klumpp (ximion) said : #10

Yep, that's the case. I will provide Maverick builds soon. (But I might take a development snapshot of Listaller for this)

Jean.c.h (slug71) said : #11

Ok thanks.

Its really a nice little tool. Would be really nice if it became part of Packagekit.

Not sure if its because this is an old version from the PPA, but the Update Manager part doesnt seem to be working. I did notice that there is no repositories under 'Update repositories'. Shouldnt they match the 'System repositories'?

Also under the 'Package lists' menu, when i click on 'open your distribution's package catalog', it opens Ubuntu Software Center. Is it supposed to do that? If so is there a way to change that to open PK's Add/Remove instead?

Best Matthias Klumpp (ximion) said : #12

Please create one "Answers" entry per question :)
The "Update repositories" tool just shows repos to update applications installed with an IPK package. Support for all other sources is planned, but remember that Listaller 0.4 is still alpha and there's a lot of work which needs to be done.

The "Open distributions' package catalog" is supposed to open USC, if present. If not, it will open a PackageKit frontend. All this is set in the Listaller config. If PackageKit has support for AppInstall, I will remove the option to open USC by default.

Jean.c.h (slug71) said : #13

Thanks Matthias Klumpp, that solved my question.