how to grant a slot to user that PM me

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Well the summary is pretty self-expnalatory I think. When some user wants to download something from me, and I have no free slots, this user kindly asks for a slot via PM, and I want that user to be able to download (grant him a slot), it looks like it is impossible in current Linuxdcpp.
The context option to grant extra slot is only available when I right-click a user who is already downloading (which is almost useless I think), or in each hub's user list, but also - when someone PMs me, I have no idea what hub does this user belong to. And also I have no idea, with current Grant Slot functionality, for how much time the slot is being granted.? In strongdc i have the options - for from 10min up to a week, it would be great to have similar functionality in Linuxdcpp.

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Razzloss (razzloss) said :

There's no GUI support for what you describe. All the grant slot/add favorite user options are dimmed and waiting for someone to write the implementation. The core supports at least permanent slot granting, but for this to work you'll have to edit the favorites.xml by hand and restart Linuxdcpp.

And I guess this to be implemented someone has to send a patch for it. At least that would speed up the process. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for myself or Steven to come up with a code for this.


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Razzloss (razzloss) said :

Yeah, the previous answer doesn't really answer the question. Was somehow stuck with the favorite users, which doesn't have GUI implementation yet.

Grant slot of course works as you described, from the user context menu (from transfers tab or in the nicklist). Apparently the user context menu isn't available from pm window (I think there's a bug report/feature request already? If not feel free to make one).

As for the duration of the granted slot, I think it is for one connection. After the user disconnects the temporary slot is removed. I'm not 100% sure about this though, should probably check the code or just try it.


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Olorin (vivliofika) said :

I have no problems with granting the slots. I use "disconnect" option for all other leechers. Havn't you thought about?

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matej_bb (matej-bb) said :

Olorin, that means that you sit there and kick any user that wants to download but does not ask for a slot?! Well, first with the amount of "leechers" I have I wouldn't be doing anything else all day. And secondly, did you imagine that you would have to ask each user you want to download something from... is this what DC++ should be about?

However, since someone proposed to use /grant command in the PM window (which I didn't know about), I use that and it works... but that GUI option would be nice anyway :)

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Olorin (vivliofika) said :

Do you store unique content? I'm holding a fast mirror with gigabit uplink. And what problem with?

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