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Asked by alhimik on 2009-03-20

For a long time users recieving a lot of spam/flood messages from spam-bots, could developers make a feature to linuxdcpp that will protect PM with password? That will stop any spam activity in dc-hubs, and make life of linuxdc++ users - better :) .Thatks

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Steven Sheehy (steven-sheehy) said : #1

Well, requiring some type of password would entail modifying the NMDC protocol, which is not really possible. A better solution would be to just ignore or filter PMs using certain criteria. We already have a few options that do that that you can try in Preferences -> Advanced -> Tabs: "Ignore private messages from bots" and "Ignore private messages from the hub".

alhimik (serv) said : #2

Thank You for answer. I think that changes would not entail modifying NMDC protocol. This feature is realized in windows DC++ clients which supports LUA scripts or chat-bot plugins (BCDC++, FlyLinkDC++, ApexDC). Example of algorythm is
listening for PM events from hub users ---> PM recieved ---> (IF user in Favorites - allow PM, ELSE - ask secret question{question set in settings}) ---> (IF question is correct allow PM and add to favorite users, ELSE - ignore this PM). Is it possible scheme?
P.S. "Ignore private messages from bots" and "Ignore private messages from the hub". This features Doesn`t work with spam-bots, that imitate DC-client, and don`t work against people that sending spam messages.

Steven Sheehy (steven-sheehy) said : #3

Ok, that seems more reasonable. The "Only allow PMs from favorite users" would be a nice option (once we actually implement favorite users :D). Although, I still don't like the idea of a secret question, especially since that would require modifying the DC++ core.

alhimik (serv) said : #4

"Only allow PMs from favorite users" - it`s really good idea, and "secret question" maybe it`s stereotype that implements in windows DC clients. Thank You.

Stille (beyond-the-symbol) said : #5

It'd really be useful if we had an option for disabling PMs alltogether. Reason being some large hubs are completely infested with spambots that get past the current filter.