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I am using LinuxDC++ version: 1.0.1, Core version: 0.698 on Gentoo Linux.

The syntax of my file names contains a colon (:). Every file system commonly used on linux (ext2/3,xfs,jfs,reiser) is capable of using the colon in file names without any hacks or problems. Even ntfs can do it, only Windows does not allow it. But if you create a file with colons on ntfs under linux its written flawlessly.

So what I would like to ask is whether linuxdcpp converts colons in file names to "please" windows or whether this is a limitation of the ADC protocol (not being able to deal with colons). When I look at my own filelist the colons are already converted to underscores (_).

When sharing between linux clients this converting would be unnecessary.

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Ruyk (lists-abelonline) said :


Sorry, seems I redownloaded I file that was downloaded from me and saw that in my file list. It was probably renamed when the remote client received it. I thought it was directly coming from me.

But still, I would be glad if someone could elaborate on WHEN the renaming is done. Is it the remote windows client that changes the colons when it receives them?

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Best Razzloss (razzloss) said :

'Bad characters' are cleaned up from filenames when the remote client adds the file to queue. This includes all control characters (ascii <32) and few others. Also : is removed unless it's the 2nd character in the path name (as in C:\file.txt).

When the file finishes downloading it is moved to the target directory, with already clean name.

In your case it doesn't matter if the remote machine is windows or something that could handle : without problems. The function doing the cleaning is same for both platforms and even linux clients replace : with _ when downloading files.


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Ruyk (lists-abelonline) said :

Thanks Razzloss, that solved my question.