Could we receive extra info regarding our translation?

Asked by Yordan

Here is my appeal:

Hello there

Currently I am working on translating DCPLUSPLUS into Bulgarian Language.

So far I can spot many different translations which are correct BUT some of them are not that much related to the application functionalities therefore I have to change them. It is not a problem if and only if I can find the phrase/sentence in the application itself. Hence, I am working with no boundaries related to the description therefore even my translation could go in slightly wrong direction - in other word I am with tight hands AND I am unable to complete in 100% what I have started as a project.

PS. My suggestions:

1. Picture or screenshot will be the best but is a hassle for everyone to do.
2. If you provide a second field/line in launchpad for commenting each translation(commenting should be done by developers).
3. Essential feature would be to provide us with some extra information regarding what is the minimum or at least the maximum character's number for each translation so the text stays in the application boundary.

Help me to help you...

Best Regards

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Best Steven Sheehy (steven-sheehy) said :

So basically you're asking for more translator comments to help identify string context? One thing you may be underestimating is the name of the file in which the string occurs. It's not ideal, but usually you can tell by the name where it will appear. For example, if it's in linux/ you know that it will appear in the preferences. Admittedly it doesn't tell where in the preferences it is, but that at least narrows it down.

There is quite a bit of translator comments already in places, but there's definitely room for more. I tried to add comments to the strings I thought needed it as I came across them, but it's a bit tedious to do this for all strings. You can make a list of strings that you would like us to add comments to and we can try to update them. Or even better, you can add the translator comments yourself and send us the patch. :)

It doesn't take programming knowledge - just grep for the string in linux/ folder then add a single line comment directly above the string like so:

// TRANSLATORS: <your message here>

For glade files - just grep for the string in glade/ folder then add a comments attribute like so:

<property name="translator_credits" translatable="yes" comments="Please do not translate. Launchpad will automatically replace this text with the names of the translators for the current language.">translator-credits</property>

So as you find where strings are and what translator comment would help to clarify its translation, you can add it to the source then send us the patch.

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Yordan (yordan-kovachev) said :

Hello Steven

That is well solved and I believe it is a great way to contribute to any application or Linux itself.

Thank you for the short tutorial...Your are right about the source allocation and string context in general this helped me a lot more to solve my misjudgements. That's why I have decided to get help and advice before hand.

Best Wishes