Refreshes and downloads forgets one file

Asked by Zunh


I have noticed that refresh file list sometimes misses one of the files in an added directory. Another refresh always seems to work.
Is this just a display bug?

I also downloaded a directory with subdirectories and one file in each subdirectory wouldn't download. These files are still in queue but the status is disconnected. Forcing connection and granting slots are not helping.
Any suggestions?

I use LinuxDC++ version: 1.0.3 Core version: 0.698 under Linux Mint 9 x86 64bit.

~ Zunh

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Razzloss (razzloss) said :

The double refresh is a known feature of that core. I think the new core in the development version behaves better, but can't be sure (and can't really check right now), if it's completely fixed in that one.

There's a PPA with prebuilt packages from the dev version available at . Don't know if they work with Mint also. (It was Ubuntu/deb based right?)

For the file problem, it is possible that the files have been removed by the user since you queued them, so try searching for alternatives. Or the other possibility is that the files have been corrupted either on the users disk or during transfer and the TTH doesn't match the files anymore and are therefore discarded by the client.


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Zunh (zunh) said :

Thank you for your fast reply. Yes, Mint is based on Ubuntu/Debian.

The second question:
Is TTH inconsistency an issue when downloading over internal net?

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Razzloss (razzloss) said :

In general TTH errors could occur everywhere, but most often it's a sign of some serious hardware issues (if it happens all the time).

But you could try to install the dev version from the PPA or download the source and compile it yourself in debug mode (add debug=1 to first scons command) (instructions for ubuntu but should be 1:1 for mint, assuming the package names are the same). Then start the linuxdcpp from the command line and watch for any Exceptions reported to terminal when trying to download the files.


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Zunh (zunh) said :

Thank you for your help Razzloss! =)