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What do you know about FreeDC++ project (
This is LinuxDC++ fork with some patches:
    * New commands: / freedcpp, / fuser, / removefu, / listfu, / emoticons.
    * Support for emoticons in chat and drugs.
    * Interception of external hub links Magnet links.
    * Convolution Magnet links in the text chat and drugs.
    * Support of themes.
    * Pop-up notification.
    * Support for audio (sound notifications).
    * New icons Members area.
    * Support for selected users (no gui to manage favorites).
    * Select the color of favorites in the user-list, sorting.
    * New button (show / hide): user-list and the transfer panel.
    * Animation status icons, which received drugs.
    * New tab (Settings): Preview, sounds, colors and fonts, Notifications, Themes, Toolbar.
    * Minimize the program in trays, when pressed close the window.
    * Quick insert nickname (nicknames) in the input line (double-click on the nick in the text chat).
    * New logo.
    * Support for color, style, text chat and drugs.
    * Preview files.
    * Search spy.

This is not full list of improvements. Translation was taken from here:

Does author tried to send patches for you?
Will you use any of them?

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Steven Sheehy (steven-sheehy) said :

* Support for color, style, text chat and drugs.


I've never heard of this clone nor have I ever heard from the author. We'd be interested in some of the things like favorite users (although it seems there's not a gui), sounds, colors, fonts, etc. We can probably take a look at the code and pull what we want.

We really need i18n and a plugin system so there's no need to have clones...

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Olorin (vivliofika) said :

That is russian creation. I can help you connecting the authors.

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Tehnick (tehnick) said :


Unfortunately, it is very unlikely, because author is not answering on e-mail and in bugtracker he is answering very rarely.

PS: ты-то почему о нем не слышал? Ведь писали же новости на опеннете и на ЛОРе...

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Razzloss (razzloss) said :

Actually it seems that there's a GUI for favorite users in the latest svn. Maybe it's time to get my knife and borrow that code from there?

And their magnet handling is better than ours (you can add the magnet straight to queue, instead of just searching it).


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Olorin (vivliofika) said :


We should use english talking here...

Yes, there were news and articles about. I have even used to test it... but I don't use it. I use LDC.

You should borrow, I think. :-O!

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Dmitry-Kogura (dmitry-kogura) said :

Answer from FreeDC++ developer (Troll):

"Developers LinuxDC + + includes selected users

But there are mistakes!

Changes in libdcpp have omitted:
1. In file FavoriteManager.cpp of function FavoriteManager::on(UserDisconnected, const UserPtr& user){}
   FavoriteManager::on(UserConnected, const UserPtr& user){}
2. In file FavoriteManagerListener.h
   virtual void on(StatusChanged, const FavoriteUser&) throw() { }

For this reason does not update the status of users - this column "Hub (last seen in, if offline)"
and "Time last seen"
If the developers reject my changes, let fix a bug status updates.

Yes, and no favorite users icons on the toolbar." Why?

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Razzloss (razzloss) said :

Icon worked for me, but I missed the .png version so it might be why it was missing on some systems. Committed this now.

I didn't check the dcpp/ changes because it seemed to work otherwise (and I hate svn... so slow). Anyway if the dcpp changes were to be done, those would have to be submitted to the upstream also.


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Tehnick (tehnick) said :

This is a free translation from here:

Well, png file is now available: ~ linuxdcpp-team/linuxdcpp/trunk/revision/370
But still need to install an icon on the button.

 * Load the custom icons or the stock icons as per the setting
void MainWindow::loadIcons_gui()

 // Reset the stock IDs manually to force the icon to refresh

///[+ add this line:


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Razzloss (razzloss) said :

Ǵrah, I wonder what else I've forgotten. Well now the stock-id reset is committed. Is the icon visible now?


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