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Asked by james carlin

I recently switched from windows vista to linux mint helena and after downloading LinuxDC++ 1.0.3+bzr, sharing my files (well over the required amount) and entering the proper hub addresses,, linuxdc++ continually comes back to me saying Connect Failed: Connection closed. I have my incoming connection settings set as Firewall (passive, last resort) and my outgoing connection settings as Direct connection. I have it set with 3 upload slots. I'm connected to a college campus ethernet, I'm not really sure about much more than that about it. I was hoping someone would be able to tell me if I have a setting wrong or something because its starting to bother me a lot not having it working

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Steven Sheehy (steven-sheehy) said :

Are you sure it's not showing more information than just "Connect Failed: Connection Closed"? For me it shows the following:

[20:26] <Hub-Security> YnHub version: 1.036 produced by Yoshi, Nev and Todi.
[20:26] <Hub-Security> Your ISP/IP isn't allowed on this hub, allowed ISPs are: Rutgers
[20:26] *** Connect failed: SocketException: Connection closed
[20:28] *** Connecting to

Which makes it clear the hub does not accept my any other IP besides Rutgers IP address ranges.

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james carlin (jmc-carlin) said :

its not showing anything in the window. it says "connect failed: connection closed" right above where it says user, hub name, status etc

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Olorin (vivliofika) said :

Does the client tag allowed?
Do you have IP penalties?

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james carlin (jmc-carlin) said :

im sorry im not quite sure what you mean by either of those

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Razzloss (razzloss) said :

By client tag allowed he means that is the client & version of it allowed in the hub (so basically DC++, since it is very hard to distinguish LinuxDC++ from windows client).
For IP penalties I'd assume he means, if your IP is banned.

But in both of these cases hubs just don't disconnect you, usually some kind of message (reason for disconnection) is sent (and printed to main chat).

Does your nick contain non-ascii characters? or anything else than a-z,0-9?


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james carlin (jmc-carlin) said :

nope my name only contains characters a-z

after attempting to reconnect repeatedly to the hubs i noticed something flashed on the screen very momentarily.
it said blacksharrds 0kb, disappeared from the screen in less than a second and the connect failed: connection closed came up.

however, i definitely am sharing more than 0kb

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james carlin (jmc-carlin) said :

i also tried possibly getting an older version of linuxdcpp because i know on windows we were supposed to use an older edition, however being new to linux im having trouble getting the terminal to download anything other than the most recent edition of the program

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Razzloss (razzloss) said :

Did you add our PPA to your sources or how did you get the 1.0.3+bzr? If you added the PPA try removing it and re-installing linuxdcpp. If it is in your distros package repository it is most likely old enough == with <0.700 core (hopefully all the hub admins who prefer broken files have already died out, and you're not required to find a client without TTH).


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Olorin (vivliofika) said :

There exist some king of "local" hubs where allowed IPs are only the LAN IPs or Inet IPs which are from the ISP.

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