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Asked by Andrea Gallo on 2012-05-02

I would like to export all cards as an excel file, with columns as "2012Q1", "WG", "name", "status", "due date", "description".

I can go for the "list" view in Jira but not sure how I can export to a spreadsheet.

Any suggestion?

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Loïc Minier (lool) said : #1

When listing issues, there is on most pages a button to switch between views in the top-right corner (it looks like an eye and is called Views). To export to a spreadsheet all cards updated in the last week, follow these steps:
* on cards.linaro.org, select Issues > Search for issues
* enter "project = CARD AND updated >= -1w" as the query and hit Search
* select Views > Excel (All fields)
* this should trigger a download dialog; open the downloaded Linaro Cards.xls to see issues and their fields in a spreadsheet

If you'd like to customize the columns, you may do this from Tools > Configure columns in the top-right corner (button looks like a gear).

Best Ilias Biris (ibiris) said : #2

To export the results of a filter one needs to use the Issue Navigator (click on Issues tab in JIRA UI). Actually from the drop down Issues menu you can select a shared filter or a filter you have created.

For the purpose of demonstrating what you want to do I created (and shared with all) a filter for 2012Q1 cards with the concise (!) name "Unresolved cards for 2012Q1 ordered by Component and Card number". Direct URL for the query is http://cards.linaro.org/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?mode=hide&requestId=10110

On that filter you can see the columns are as you requested (except from description - see 1 below). From there

1. you can press Views on the top right (eye icon) and select Excel (all fields) to get a full export to excel with ALL the fields for each card. Mind you the descriptions can be REALLY long, and many of them are still in their HTML format from the papyrs export, so it will be difficult to read those descriptions from the query screen, but if you want them in the spreadsheet the "Excel (all fields)" also takes the description in the spreadsheet.

If you press Excel (current fields) it will give you an excel spreadsheet with only the fields appearing on the query results.

2. you can copy the query to make your own customisations (see below) - press Save as new filter (query management at the left hand side of the query results), you can then keep your own copy of the query and share as you like when you have finished editing

2. (please do that for your own copies of the query - see 2 above) you can customise the query: press Edit tab on the Issue Navigator query management at the left hand side then you can edit the query straight - JIRA gives suggestions as you type which makes the query editing a breeze

3. (please do that for your own copies of the query - see 2 above) you can customise the columns shown on the query : press Tools at the top right, then Configure Columns, then you can configure which columns you want to show, and in what order to show them

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have further questions.

Andrea Gallo (andrea-gallo) said : #3

Thanks Ilias Biris, that solved my question.

Andrea Gallo (andrea-gallo) said : #4

and thanks to Loic too, that solved my question - but the tool allows me to "star" only one answer :-)

no, I will not open another question just for this!!!!!

thanks, it works perfectly now!

PS: even though it is in xls, Excel complains that it is not an XLS file but still manages to recover the info inside