Asked by virginiayole on 2010-01-11

every time I try to run the program it stops when scaning, last time it stoped at dxX, now it stops when it scans a usb pen drive that is not actually plugged in anyway. Is there anyway to fix this?

Why am I being allowed to edit this question? It was not even my question! This is really a very unfriendly site. I haven't a clue how to ask a question and get a bleeding answer!!

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virginiayole (virginiayole) said : #1

problem solved thanks,

virginiayole (virginiayole) said : #2

, just with a bit of patience

Nick (ub3rst4r) said : #3

Sorry I could not be of assistance =D

Segismundo (abrahamholmes) said : #4

How was this solved? The program stops scanning at the very end of its scan when it has scanned over 800 files!

virginiayole (virginiayole) said : #5

hi segismundo, just be patient, I thought it stopped too but then I just let it be there and after a while it finished on its own.

virginiayole (virginiayole) said : #6

I don´t understand what happened with my first comment, I din´t write that about the unfriedly site...
 just found it to be an odd comment stuck to my question.....

Nick (ub3rst4r) said : #7

virginiayole: I am sorry that this website isnt the best. Because you are a subscriber to this thread then you are automatically granted permission to edit comments. I might open up the forums on, however, that isnt the best either.

Segismundo: can you please tell system specs. If you dont know how to find this out...

1. Download a program called "speccy" from
2. Extract & Run Speccy.exe
3. Go to File->Save Snapshot...
4. Either upload the .speccy file to or send it to by email to nick [at] littleapps * co * cc

virginiayole (virginiayole) said : #8

nick: it wasn´t me who complained, I don´t understand how that happened, I wouldn´t dare complaint of a website that aims to help people, sorry for the misunderstanding.

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