Reg cleaner is breaking Cisco VPN client

Asked by Lonnie on 2009-11-25

Is there a way to create an exclude list that is also portable with your handy Little Registry Cleaner? I am not a C programmer so I do not have the luxury of utilizing the open source code to customize it.

I really like this app and would love to utilize it but it breaks our Cisco VPN Client by nuking the following key:

Starting scanning: Application Paths
Checking for invalid installer folders
Checking for invalid application paths
Bad Registry Key Found! Problem: "Invalid registry key" Path: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\vpngui.exe"
Finished scanning: Application Paths

This key contains only one path value of C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client\.

I really like the portability of this app but it needs a little bit more customization to be used in alot of environments. If some kind of exclusion list could be made portable would be great! If this is not possible then I'd like to make a suggestion to make this app more appealing and that would be to make an exclusion list that uses key words to be excluded from the registry search that is portable and maintained the in .xml configuration file.



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Nick (ub3rst4r) said : #1


LRC has an exclusion list that works with the full and portable edition. To add this registry key to the ignore list: right click on the registry key, click "Exclude Selected" and it will be ignored. You can also redistribute the program with the excluded key by opening "Little Registry Cleaner.exe.config" file and adding the following between <userSettings> and </userSettings>:

<setting name="arrayExcludeList" serializeAs="Binary">

I will create a blueprint for key words to work with the ignore list.

Cheers =D

Lonnie (lonnie-cavanagh) said : #2

This worked for me once but after I added more exclusions within the Ignore List located program itself while testing, this no longer adds the path to exclude our vpn client. So, if this program has been run before on a system and an exclude was specified, I'm not seeing this work. Where is this exclude data stored? Maybe I could script a cleanup prior to launching this application.

Also, is there a way that I could vbs this exclude data to be added to config file? This way we can add our own exclusions. As programs are upgraded and OSes change, it would be prefered if we could add our own exclusions as technologies evolve and environments change.



Nick (ub3rst4r) said : #3


I have created batch script that will backup your registry keys and then restore them once the cleaning is finished. Sorry I couldn't have it be in VBS and change the exclude list. However this will do the same thing. If you want I can create a blueprint so that people can import/export there exclusion list.

To use this batch file, just add it to the LRC directory and change what keys you want to exclude...


Lonnie (lonnie-cavanagh) said : #4

Thank you for the response. Closing this thread.