is it possible to add network icon on login panel?

Asked by Anant Kumar Singh on 2014-12-31

I am looking for solution in gtk-greeter where we can add/enable network(network-manager/nm-applet) in loogin panel. so that users can select a network(lan/wifi) before login. I am using gtk-greeter in lxde.

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Andrew P. (kalgasnik) said : #1

1. Greeter do not have special code for launching NetworkManager applet (unity-greeter have).
2. But yes, it's possible.

You need greeter version from trunk and "libapplication" indicator ("indicator-application" package for Ubuntu).
Greeter nust be compiled with indicators support (default for Ubuntu).


# Launch nm-applet instead of screen reader
# Launch it when greeter starts
# Indicator that can display nm-applet icon
indicators=<your panel items>;

At this moment it's the simplest way to get NM icon at greeter screen. It's not solution - it's workaround.

Thanks for your response Andrew.

I will try this workaround.

If it is possible in current architecture, I would like to add this feature in greeter. What needs to be done to add this feature? Can you give some pointer so that I can try.

Charly Pirre (charletto1) said : #3

I am also looking for a solution in the lightdm-gtk greeter to show up an network indicator. Could you please explain the workarraound in more detail?!

I run a couple of old netbooks (eeePCs) with Lubuntu 14.10 as clients in a Microsoft AD domain. To authenticate a user on a domain controler a proper WLAN or LAN connection is needed before a user is logged on.

Diego Sanjuan (dspadial) said : #4

Thank you for all the information.
But sadly I could not solve the problem.
Could give us some more details on how to launch the nm-applet within the LightDM-gtk-greeter.

desouza85 (desouza85-gmail) said : #5

I can confirm. It works.

vi /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf

indicators=~language;~session;; (In my case)

restart lightdm deamon ( /etc/init.d/lightdm restart) or reboot.

desouza85 (desouza85-gmail) said : #6

But when I login , the connection hangs.
It won't keep the connection. I have to connect again.

Diego Sanjuan (dspadial) said : #7

Sorry. What distribution do you use?
Have you compiled lightdm?
In my case it does not work:
In "/var/log/lightdm/seat0-greeter.log" you can see this:

** (lightdm-gtk-greeter:2587): WARNING **: [PIDs] Failed to execute command: upstart

(nm-applet:2629): Gdk-WARNING **: nm-applet: Fatal IO error 11 (Recurso no disponible temporalmente) on X server :0.

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