Possible to move panel to bottom in GTK2 greeter?

Asked by Rob McCathie on 2014-10-19

Is it possible to move the panel to the bottom in the GTK2 greeter?

If not, could it be implemented as an option?

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Andrew P. (kalgasnik) said : #1

Good news. It is possible with latest (1.9.0) version: panel-position=bottom.
Bad news. 1.8.6 (there is no release, just last version in 1.8 branch) was last version with gtk2 support.
I'm not sure about this 1.8 future - the chance to see some backports/fixes is very small.

Rob McCathie (korrode) said : #2

Thanks for the response Andrew.
I guess i'll try to backport the feature myself.

It is sad that the GTK2 greeter was dropped.

Do you have any idea of what the chances are that GTK3 major version updates would break the greeter?
I realise on time-based releases like Ubuntu it's less of a concern, but In something like Arch the greeter will suddenly get a new GTK3 major version dropped in place potentially prior to you having adequate time to test the greeter against it.

I'm on the Manjaro Linux team and we were about to swap our main edition to the GTK2 greeter, but if it's development has stopped we maybe should look at other options...
We're wary of GTK3-based display managers after we watched MDM break when GTK 3.12 was released.

Rob McCathie (korrode) said : #4

New link, previous one will stop working soon.

BTW this patch is against revision 299, the actual last GTK2 version, not what's currently in the 1.8.x series branch (which is rev 279).

Andrew P. (kalgasnik) said : #5

1. New version have some major UI changes, supporting both 2 and 3 gtk version is still possible but too complicated. Need to use 2 different sets of widgets. One is deprecated in gtk3 and another one is not present in gtk2.

2. I'm using Arch so I'm completely understand what you mean. The main result of any gtk3 update for greeter - broken theming.
After each gtk update I see some new nice glitch (the last - GIANT unscaled icons), but it is mostly work for devs of gtk/icons themes.

Do you know what exactly break MDM?