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Asked by zarnaik on 2014-08-31

Just like
I want to customize the greeter to suit my preferences a little more.

In the comments there is mention of applying changes before compiling, which is what I intend to do. I have downloaded the source files and have browsed through them.

Is changing the lightdm-gtk-greeter.ui.h equivalent to what used to be simply editing the lightdm-gtk-greeter.ui file?

if yes, does the following line pose any problem if I would make changes?
static const unsigned lightdm_gtk_greeter_ui_length = 14311u;

Since I would making changes the length would probably not match.

Something else I'm curious about is the .glade file. I tried opening it but get an error message saying that
"The following required catalogs are unavailable: greeter_menu_bar".
Upon closing the message glade closes. I tried looking for it, but came up empty.
Do you have this greeter_menu_bar catalog?


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Andrew P. (kalgasnik) said : #1

What exactly you need to change in greeter interface? Maybe you can achieve your goals without editing .glade file.

zarnaik (zarnaik) said : #2

My primary focus is on eliminating the panel on the topas described in the link:

While looking through the code I noticed the glade file and figured if I'm gonna change something, I might as well see if I want to change anything else.

Andrew P. (kalgasnik) said : #3

Just set "indicators" key in greeter config to empty value - the panel will be hidden (version >= 1.8.4):


Thin line (1px) may remain on top of the screen - it is will be fixed in future.

zarnaik (zarnaik) said : #4

Ok, that's sufficient for me. Thanks for the quick response.
It might prove useful for others if this was mentioned inside the config file.

Have a good day.