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Asked by Turanatura

Would it be possible (or maybe a suggestion for a future version) to set multiple completion tags? Now I currently made several tables of data, and they don't work, unless you activate the completion tag for that table. Then when I switch to another table, that one dont work, and I need to change the completion tag to another tag. If I could set multiple completion tags then I would function and look much better, because all my entries will start to show the completion percentages behind the entry titles, which is turned off now for a part (because only one completion tag at a time can be set) and all tables would start to work. I would like this feature if it would be available / possible to add.
Thank you.

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Ahmet Öztürk (dmxe) said :

Thank you for the feedback. Technically it is possible but it will complicate things quite a bit. Why don't you use a single tag dedicated for this purpose?

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Turanatura (turunatura) said :

You are right about that. The good thing is that normal calculation with tags can be used simulaneously, with multiple tags concerning multiple calculations, all different tables will work simultaneously - no need to change any completion tag or whatsoever. So, that's good news. You also use those calculations with all different type of tags in your diary, so I thought, why not with the percent calculations (completion tag) - what's the difference, would be my question to you.

However, I am a creative person, I use as much of this great program as is possible, because this really is my favourite all-in-one diary / note / calculation tool, that is (because of these multiple tools in one) a unique program in its kind.

I have no example in practice. I just saw this limitation, and I just thought: Why?

You might have a good reason for it, a background idea behind it. But, it all works great, and would be extra great, if all works at the same time /all tags activated regarding calculations (just an idea). I will definitely use it. The more clarity in marking your tasks as done this percent.... worked this percent... traveled this percent... cooked this percent... the more, the better view you get over your tasks, and the better overview this program gives you as your administrative buddy (that's how I see this program).

Thank for making this great application by the way. I use it daily.

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Turanatura (turunatura) said :

How do you do it? Maybe I can learn...

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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said :

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Turanatura (turunatura) said :

ok thank you.