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Asked by Geoff

Hi, Lifeograph appears to be a great package, thank you for your effort to date.

I need to be able to log many activities in a day, with start, stop, activity code, reference and client code (on top of exactly the current feature set).

I was wondering if you have ideas on how I could achieve that, perhaps a datetime timestamp auto-creating tag?
so typing [now] and it transforms to a tag with the current date-time (displaying short time preferably) ...

Perhaps other tagging - so they are created if not exist for Clients, References, Activity codes?
(perhaps using a tag context menu of some sort)

... all this with a view to extracting time entries from the diary into timesheets...
(while logging naturally what im doing / researching / planning, etc...)

(Start) :ST:=202106050602
(Client) :CT:=ABC123
(Activity) :AY:=PROG
(Reference) :RE:=A232314
(Stop) :SP:=202106050638

this for example is the data needed to be kept with an entry for a 36 min programming task for client ABC123

more generally, I think being able to create that sort of general data logging tag for later classification / extraction would increase utility - the parameterised / graphing idea is a really great idea, I'd like to be able to track the reference in the above example for its completion status graphing entries over time...

Thanks for any ideas, and for Lifeograph... ; )


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Best Ahmet Öztürk (dmxe) said :

Hi Geoff,

Thank you for the feedback. All of what you want to achieve can be done except for start and end times. You can insert the current date and time at the cursor by pressing Shift + Alt + D. However, as of now, Lifeograph does not recognize time values in text, only dates. I think it would make sense to add that feature.

As to your other needs, you cannot assign a string value to a tag. Only numeric values are accepted and I think this makes things simpler. That being said you can create an entry for each of your clients (preferable under a parent entry called "Clients") and use that entry directly as a tag. The same is true for activity and reference, too, although I am not sure what the Reference means here.

So, in the current version you can do something like this:

2021-06-05 06:02 :AC_PROG: :RE_A232314: :ABC123: :DURATION:=36

You can add many activities to a day like this. If you are using individual dated entries for your activities (rather than putting all of them into one entry) you can eliminate the date at the beginnings of the lines.

Then you can create graphs of your activities.

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Geoff (geoffjt) said :

Thanks Ahmet Öztürk, that solved my question.

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Geoff (geoffjt) said :

Hi Ahmet,

I will employ the techniques you suggest.

I found espanso.org - it allows me to insert text strings of current date, time, etc formatted how I need for later extraction.

Thanks again for your efforts - lifeograph is a great tool.

All the best,