My diary was working earlier in the day but now Lifeograph is telling me that it isn't a diary.

Asked by Adreana

This has happened more then once to me but the diaries that suddenly lost there diary access didn't hold important information but this one does. I was using it just fine earlier in the day but when I came back I found a message saying 'Selected file is not a valid Lifeograph diary. Please select another file...' And the same diary was working not that long ago, so I went to check where it was saved and the format changed on it's own. I can't lose all the information held in this diary. Can someone please explain to me how to fix this problem?

I'm using the latest version of Lifeograph avaliable on Ubuntu 11.04 operating system. I only have one version in my computer and yes, it's encrypted.

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Ahmet Öztürk (dmxe) said :

Please provide following information:
Which version of Lifeograph are you using?
On which operating system?
May there be multiple versions of Lifeograph installed on your system?
Is your diary encrypted?

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Ahmet Öztürk (dmxe) said :

OK, lets' check your file, then.
Please open the directory that contains your diary file in your file manager and check the file size.
If it is not zero, try opening it in a plain text editor.
However, some text-editors like Gedit may refuse to open it because it is encrypted. You can use nano, a non-gui text editor, available in default Ubuntu installations, just by opening a terminal, going to the diary's directory and typing "nano NAME_OF_THE_DIARY_FILE" without quotes and, of course, substituting NAME_OF_THE_DIARY_FILE with file name of your diary.
When it is opened, if the file were healthy, the first three lines would be:

V 56
E yes

How are they like in your file? This information may help us to diagnose the root cause of your problem.

On the other hand, Lifeograph backs up diaries at every save. You can find this backup file at the same directory as your diary. It is named NAME_OF_THE_DIARY_FILE.~previousversion~ and thus a hidden file. So, you'll have to choose show hidden files in your file manager. This should be the last working version of you diary. Copy this file to another directory, remove .~previousversion~ extension from its name and try opening it with Lifeograph.

Good luck!

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