Running libECBUFR experimentally under Microsoft Windows (R)

Created by Yves Pelletier on on 2009-05-16
microsoft windows
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Yves Pelletier on on 2016-01-26

Supporting a Windows version of libECBUFR is beyond the current scope of Environment Canada requirements for libECBUFR.

However, experimentally, libECBUFR and utilities have been successfully compiled in the MinGW environment (Minimalist GNU for Windows). BUFR encoding and decoding have been consistently successful under this environment but the testing we have done so far is relatively minimal and does not cover all possible cases.

If you wish to try this, you will need to download the libECBUFR source code into an existing MinGW environment. Then, following the usual steps for compiling the library and utilities should do the trick. Make sure to use MinGW Installation Manager to install all the packages needed for libECBUFR to compile. Follow the link to "related question", on the upper right of this screen, to get information the steps that led to a successful compilation under MinGW (thanks to Charlie Martin).