To type a ", it requires the space bar to be pressed after pressing "

Asked by Austin C Phelps on 2012-02-28

I noticed that on the Live CD and on compiled LFS that in order to type a ", it has to be followed by a space. I been looking at kbd and glibc for options that might be compiled in, but have been unable to find them.

How can I turned this off?


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First a little background, if you don't mind:

The default keyboard layout on the Live CD is set to "us-acentos", which is the nearest equivalent of the "US International" layout. It is the default because it allows one to type characters which are common in European languages on a plain US qwerty keyboard. You may need to press the space bar after a double-quote to type that character, but at the same time you can type the characters ä, ë, ï, ö and ü by pressing a, e, i, o or u in stead. Other keys (like the single quote) produce similar results.

How to turn it off:

Executing the command "loadkeys us" or "loadkeys defkeymap" will remove the behaviour described above. However, this does not make it permanent. To make it permanent, execute the following too:

cat > /etc/sysconfig/console << "EOF"

More info about the /etc/sysconfig/console file can be found at

Austin C Phelps (acp) said : #2

Smashing. it worked. Thanks. i was looking everywhere and the console is the one place I didn't look.


Austin C Phelps (acp) said : #3

Thanks Marcel van den Boer, that solved my question.

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