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Asked by Martin Wood on 2011-01-29

Why is the 'Schedule' tab still showing 2010 schedule and not the current Jan 2011 details?

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Martin Wood
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Chris Johnston (cjohnston) said : #1

My guess would be due to Lernid being broken and not supported.

Martin Wood (martin-g6tat) said : #2

Thanks for the reply Chris,
Using 10.04, Aptitude reports no broken packages. I have also fired up 10.10 in a virtual box session, installed Lernid on that and get the same result!

Chris Johnston (cjohnston) said : #3

The package isn't broken, the code is broken. It doesn't matter what version you use it in. It's still broken... And unmaintained.

Martin Wood (martin-g6tat) said : #4

Ah! I didn't know it was not maintained. Didn't last very long did it?
Thanks Chris.

Nathan Handler (nhandler) said : #5

To try and clarify a bit more. Lernid is unmaintained, unrecommended, and unsupported. It has many bugs in the code, and will most likely not work. However, I have updated the All Classroom Sessions event to be for 2011.