Need project group created and project URL changed.

Asked by B. Gian James on 2010-02-03

The μnix workstation is a fully 8-bit computer using AVR microcontrollers in place of specialized IC's, such as BIOS or keyboard controllers. The μnix workstation is a super-project that contains the self-organized sub-projects required to realize its completion. This would allow developers to be assigned to a particular sub-project that capitalizes on their coding strengths; graphics skills for the VGA subsystem project, TCP/IP for the ethernet controller, concurrency and memory management for the OS, for example.

I created the munix OS project before learning I could have a super-group (which I already do at, but it's shutting down) and would like the URL for the munix OS project ( changed to and have the super-group created under, if possible.

This means there would be sub-projects for the:

       ATBIOS (BIOS POST, interrupt vectors, global descriptor table, menu subsystem)
       HID (keyboard/mouse) controller (supports SPARC, PS/2 keyboards, PS/2 mouse)
       VGA subsystem (consists of 2 8-bit ATXmega MCU's)
       Tools (eg 8-bit compiler, post-pass linker, etc)
       Common objects (libmunix.a)
       Ethernet controller*
       Interrupt controller*
       micro/mini SD Flash controller*
       Sound subsystem*

If you feel these are too many projects, the projects marked by an asterisk (*) could feasibly be rolled into one project, say, Support subsystem, or some such. As I would prefer to create my projects when I have a supergroup to add them to, I have only created the munixos project mentioned above and will await your suggestions and decisions on how I may proceed. This project already has a codebase and would be imported from svn.

Thank you for your help,

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Michael Hudson-Doyle
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B. Gian James (gian.james) said : #1

And, of course, the munixOS sub-project would be in that list of projects. I didn't mention it because I just did in the previous paragraph, but after re-reading thought I should amend the ticket for completion.

Brad Crittenden (bac) said : #2

LOSAs please rename munix to munixos and I'll then take care of the rest. Thanks.

B. Gian James (gian.james) said : #3

Hi Brad,
Thanks for such a quick response! I apologize for my ignorance, but I can't find where to change the link from munix to munixOS. I've looked in "Change Details" and the title, etc has been changed but I never saw where I could change the actual project name. If you can point me to it I'll change it quick snap.


Michael Barnett (mbarnett) said : #4


I have made this change for you (munix --> munixos). Let me know if there is anything else we can do for you.


B. Gian James (gian.james) said : #5

Ok, super!
I will now await the super-group creation.

B. Gian James (gian.james) said : #6

Any word on the super-group creation?

I've created the super-project:

You'll probably want to update the details :-)

B. Gian James (gian.james) said : #8

Woohoo! Thank you!

B. Gian James (gian.james) said : #9

Thanks Michael Hudson, that solved my question.