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Asked by Francois Thunus on 2010-01-21

I have read the Karma computation explanation and decay over time and all, but i still don't get it. my karma started in 2007 and my latest interventions are dated from january 2010, december 2009, november 2009, october 2009, etc... almost every months for the past 4 months or so. so even if everything I have done before is wiped out, why the newest interventions as well ??? I went from 150 4 months ago to 202 a couple of weeks ago, and now it says 198 but expired ???
Not really a problem, since my interventions are bug-driven rather than karma driven, but i'm trying to understand. Enquiring minds want to know ! :-)

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Francois Thunus (thunus) said : #1

The fact that I asked the question suddenly revived me, but my karma further decayed to 196.
I think this might be a bug in the system. my last intervention was on the 17th jan 2010. Either i have completely misunderstood the calculation system, or there is somehow a bug in the system and it did not take the latest date into account (althought it did since after posting the question I "resurrected" ??? curiouser and curiouser :-)

Francois Thunus (thunus) said : #2

I thought about something that might solve the problem once and for all.
Currently there is a page with the karma system explanation, and your personnal page with your karma and the intervention that triggered it.
why not simply put the computation on that page as well ? instead of having a list of date, you would have the date+ the resulting karma, including the time decay in the formula. That would solve the problem once and for all since you would have as many debuggers as you have users. Everybody could seen immediately if the formula somehow goes wrong somewhere. And thta would probably put an end to many questions :)

Rino Tom Thomas (rinotom) said : #3

I think it is a bug itself.
It is better you make a bug report and publish that so that this can make the developers to fix the issue by tracking that.

Best Aaron Bentley (abentley) said : #4

There have been some issues with the scripts that update karma lately, and some have been disabled. I believe that with the next release (which is immanent), the scripts will start working normally again, and you will be allocated any karma that you were entitled to when that happens.

Rino Tom Thomas (rinotom) said : #5

I would like to quote a fact I read at https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/Karma

"Overall, Launchpad ensures that the total score in each application is the same. For example: if the total karma for work in the Bug Tracker were 500, but the total for the Answer Tracker were 1,000, Launchpad would tune each category's score so that they were equal.

To do this normalisation, Launchpad adds up the total amount of karma it has given to people in each category. It then works out a scaling factor for each category and multiplies everyone's karma in each category by this scaling factor. As these scaling factors are recalculated daily, it introduces some 'wobble' into karma scores, although this evens out in the longer term."

I think this may answer your question.

Francois Thunus (thunus) said : #6

Thanks Aaron Bentley, that solved my question.