mailing lists is missing a spam filter

Asked by phobie on 2009-12-18

Currently the "Mailing list moderation" ( page is nearly unusable.
Every day I have to deal with stupid spam mails, which could be filtered out easily.

The link behind the senders name always links to ""
Please show the senders e-mail-address there!

When clicking on the "[...]" link, the content of the mail should be shown.
The link does something, but it does not show any content.

Obvious spam mails should be rejected automatically.
I.e. we receive many mails with "Approved VIAGRA�� Store" as sender name!
How about a spamassasin with conservative settings?

There should be a check-box "discard all mails marked with hold" like in mailman.
This would make discarding many spam-mails much easier!

Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #1

There is already a bug reported about this.

phobie (phobie) said : #2

The linked bug-report is only for 3.!

Best Aaron Bentley (abentley) said : #3

The best way to handle this sort of thing is to file the individual issues as bugs. Single-topic bugs work best, e.g. one bug for "The link behind the sender's name should show the sender's e-mail-address" and two more for the other issues you raised.

phobie (phobie) said : #4

Thanks Aaron Bentley, that solved my question.