What is " Translation unchanged since last synchronized" ?

Asked by Adi Roiban on 2009-12-03

I was thinking that the green bar represents the percentage of translations that are comming from upstream (debian package, upstream project).

I'm looking at the Romanian translations of Gnome Docs

In Karmic they have a green bar

But those translations were not yet approved upstream


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Henning Eggers (henninge) said : #1

Hi Adi,
to answer the question from the subject:
"Translation unchanged since last synchronized" are all the currently used translations that are marked as having been imported from upstream (= have been synchronized with upstream). "Imported", "packaged", "synchronized", "published" - that's all the same. Over the history of Rosetta, different terms have been propagated to explain the concept and it's a bit of a mess now. We have decided to standarsize on "imported". So the state would be "Translation unchanged since last import".

Now for the possible reasons:

1. You may have uploaded translations to Launchpad and marked them as "imported". I heard you mention in another question that you feel this helps them being approved more easily but I am not sure that is really true. You sould only mark uploads as "imported" if they have been published elsewhere previously.

2. Message sharing. The translations in Karmic are shared with previous series of Ubuntu. Thus, translations that were in Jaunty and marked as "imported" there appear in Karmic in the same way without anything having been imported into Karmic. Actually, that is a very cool feature... ;-)

Does either of these fit your situation?


Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said : #2


For 1: Hm... can you please point me to the place I was making that statement. I am aware of the results of manually Importing as upstream. But maybe some other members of the team did that.

For 2: The Gnome Docs translations are not translated upstream in GNOME 2.26, Gnome 2.28 or Gnome 2.30.


Then the reason why they are mark as unchanged since last report is that someone has manually imported them as ustream... even thou they are not from upstream.

Can you tell us if this is the case and who and when we had such in import?

Is there a way to revert that action?

You can put this question on a low priority list. No need to hurry.

Is just that if is is so easy to "fool" the system, maybe we need to reconsider how "imported from upstream" feature works.


Aron Xu (happyaron) said : #3

According to situations I know, some member of the Launchpad translation team member don't know they shouldn't import translations as "Imported Translations" when they upload a file when it isn't really an upstream approved one. Some time they deleted the tags from LP exported file so when they upload their updated version to LP they get errors that "the file isn't exported from LP", so the "Imported Translations" selection will help on doing so.
Other situation may be U-T-Cs are about to disable some templates but want to keep translations ever contributed by translators, and our import action will do the same thing as translators set the "Imported Translations".
The two will make the "green bar" appear at where it shouldn't exactly.

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