Please, delete a translation

Asked by Guiodic (Guido Iodice)

Please, can you delete this translation?

we have already pt translation so pt_BR is not useful for us (strings are the same).

Thank you.

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Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) said :

Hi Guido,

I wouldn't assume that the strings in pt and pt_BR will always be the same.

Per-country language variants are very strongly discouraged, but this is one of the very few exceptions. (The other ones are the two main spellings of English, and the main written versions of Chinese). The reason for the exception is that pt and pt_BR are very different. Launchpad treats them as completely separate languages, without any relationship between them. If they have the same strings in your case, I would suspect that someone may have imported translations from one into the other by accident.

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Guiodic (Guido Iodice) (guido-iodice) said :

Yes, 'someone' is me :)

With a brazilian native I translated bashare in pt_BR but differences with pt are not so important to make pt_BR necessary.

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Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) said :

Well, the other side of it is that it's a lot of work for us to delete a translation—and it will automatically come back as soon as anyone does any translation work on it again.

The standard way of working is to have separate pt and pt_BR translations. Sooner or later somebody is bound to see that translations for one of the two are missing and start work on them, and the work we did on deleting translations will be wasted *plus* a lot of the translation effort is duplicated.

If translations are very likely to be similar, translations working in one of the languages have the option to show suggestions from the other language. I don't know how many people do that between pt and pt_BR are though; I hear that many people feel very strongly about the difference between them.

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