Increase space ppa and delete 2 ppa

Asked by Valdan

I write this request because I already use a personal repository, but on TuxFamily, where live Debian and Ubuntu packages of a game ( The peculiarity of these packages is a change in the devel version of the game that lets you install both (stable and unstable) without to mix the files (are changed the icons, the names of folders the launcher and the folders configuration).
The repository has been online since March of this year and already receives a substantial interest (despite my limited ability to build) you can check the progress at this address:
The problems that have prompted me to make the request here are:
1) ability to manage the bugs (and compiling problems) through reporting bugs;
2) ability to manage different versions of ubuntu.
My intention was to move the repository to ubuntu and develop it for jaunty, karmic and lucid.
I do not know how much space will occupy once completed, then I ask you to evaluate it according to your knowledge.
The PPA on which I wish to make this work is this:

Regarding the cancellation of the PPA are:
for unused.

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2009-11-06 mrevell assigned to LOSAs. LOSAs please increase /~wesnoth-unstable/+archive/itwesnoth to 4 GB and delete the following PPAs:
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Matthew Revell (matthew.revell) said :

I'm unsure exactly what you want here. I understand you want those two PPAs deleted but I'm not sure how much space you want for the new PPA at

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Valdan (valdan) said :

I do not know how much space to ask for the repository ...
I try to do two calculations, and correct me if I'm wrong:
260 MB of source (x 3 distributions) 780 MB
320 MB package architecture (9 x distributions and architectures) 2880 MB
So I think that 4 gig should be enough for several releases (since every stable release the source is increased in size :) )

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Steve McInerney (spm) said :

Have increased the PPA to 2Gb - as it's not used yet, am reluctant to increase further at this stage.

have removed
and disabled <== can't actually delete this. See linked bug.

- Steve

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Valdan (valdan) said :

Many thanks for having solved my request.
2 G enough and advanced.
I did a test and for the time they occupy only 1.3.
Thanks again.