Request to create a project group for LiquidPub

Asked by Joseph Wakeling on 2009-11-02

Following a pleasant email exchange with Launchpad email tech support, at their request, I'm posting this Question to ask for a project group to be created for LiquidPub.

The existing LiquidPub project on launchpad is here:

LiquidPub is a European research project into new directions in scientific publication:

We're using Launchpad to manage the creation of research deliverables in an open, freely-collaborative environment -- both open source software deliverables and the text of project reports.

Our work is divided into several sub-projects, for which we have already created separate Launchpad teams. It would be convenient to also have separate Launchpad projects for each of these, so that each team can track their own bugs, branches, blueprints, and so on, without needing to bother other members of the LiquidPub project.

Initial projects to include in the project group would be our existing project (actually, this should probably BECOME the project group) and our deliverable project -- the latter seems to have been disabled for some reason, so incidentally, can it please be re-enabled? :-) We will later create other projects for further deliverables and 'Liquid' research articles.

We recognise this is a rather unusual use of Launchpad but hope you'll share our enthusiasm for trying to push free/open collaboration in some new directions -- we're trying to practise before we preach!

To summarise the concrete things we'd like to have:

   (i) convert our existing project to a project group

   (ii) restore our sub-project liquidpub-d5.1 and add it as a sub-project of liquidpub

Is this doable? :-)

Thanks & best wishes,

     -- Joe Wakeling

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20091202 barry - LOSAs please do the project rename as requested.
Aliaksandr Birukou (birukou) said : #1

if possible, please add also to the project group

Aliaksandr Birukou (birukou) said : #2

Guys, it says "needs information" in the status. What kind of information do you need?

Barry Warsaw (barry) said : #3

Hi Joe and Aliaksandr,

I have a couple of thoughts about this request. First, it sounds like liquidpub-d5.1 and liquidpub-d4.3 are different versions of the same project. If that's the case, a better use of Launchpad would be to put them both under a liquidpub project and use series to manage different release versions. This is how most projects handle this (e.g. Bazaar) and you'll find Launchpad much easier to use this way.

If that's not the case, then what are the differences between them? Will there be other projects within the project group? I'm just trying to make sure that project groups will address your needs.

I should note that I am not able to rename a project, but you can. So if you really want a liquidpub project group, please rename the current project to something else. Then I can create the project group for you, and you'll be able to add your existing and future projects to it.

Aliaksandr Birukou (birukou) said : #4

Hi Barry,
Thank you for the response!
liquidpub-d5.1 and liquidpub-d4.3 are subprojects we are doing in liquidpub. To give more info - liquidpub is a EU research project which will produce some open source tools. d5.1 will be a subproject defining architecture of these tools, while d4.3 will be one of the tools - the reputation module. So, those are really different subprojects within the liquidpub project group.
For your second question - yes, we envision more projects coming under the umbrella of liquidpub, we'll add them later, those two are just to start.
Could you please tell us how to rename the project - none of us found that:(?
Or should we ask it as a separate question?

Barry Warsaw (barry) said : #5


Sorry, right you can't rename the project. Assigning the Launchpad administrators for that task.

Aliaksandr Birukou (birukou) said : #6

If possible, call it liquidpub-peer, and we'll update the description accordingly.
The structure would then be
group: liquidpub
projects: liquidpub-peer, liquidpub-d4.3, liquidpub-d5.1 (please restore this one, because it was deleted:))

Aliaksandr Birukou (birukou) said : #7

Dear all, could we resolve it once for all? Almost two months we are asking to create a project group. If it is not possible - just tell us, we'll try to find another open source service....

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