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Asked by Matthew East

I've been having a few problems recently with repositories and branches not being in compatible formats to those hosted on Launchpad. I understand that 2a is the latest format in bzr and is the first step to ensuring compatibility in the future and now seems like a good idea to try and upgrade to that format across the board.

Assuming that my understanding is correct, please could all of the branches and repositories in the following projects be upgraded to 2a format?


If it's not possible to upgrade every branch, perhaps at least those branches which are linked to series could be upgraded, together with the repositories.

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Matthew East
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LOSAs is this something that you can do?
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Steve McInerney (spm) said :

Matthew, quick update for you:
* you can do this yourself - but that may be painful :-/
* we can do it local to the servers in question, but that's obviously painful for us and potentially fraught with additional complications for you

Am chasing with the Dev's what the best/easiest etc way all round is.

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Matthew East (mdke) said :

Steve - if you could perhaps give me an indication of what the difficulties are with both options, that would be helpful. I'm not clear on what is meant by "painful" or "complications".

Thanks in advance

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Paul Hummer (rockstar) said :

Hi Matthew-

  Depending on how big the branches are, upgrades could take a while. I would recommend upgrading over the network if there aren't more than 1,000 revisions and you have a stable network. If you have Bazaar 2.0, you can just do "bzr upgrade" and it will start. Do this is in a screen session so you can walk away from it. and make sure to upgrade the "trunk" (development focus) branch first, and then upgrade the subsequent branches.

  I'd be happy to help you with these tasks, although I'm at UDS this week so may not be as available as I normally am. We're working on making Launchpad able to upgrade branches, but, as you're learning, there are potential roadblocks to doing it automatically right now.


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Matthew East (mdke) said :

Paul, if my network goes down during the upgrade, will the branch be irrevocably damaged?

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Paul Hummer (rockstar) said :

No, the branch won't be broken irreversibly. Before Bazaar upgrades the branch, it makes a backup copy itself (you should make one of your own as well) -- It may bork the branch temporarily, but if you know a bit about bazaar, you can move that backup copy into place of the branch. If this does happen to you, and you're feeling uneasy about it, it can be fixed pretty easily.

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Matthew East (mdke) said :


Many thanks for your prompt response and the information. I will go ahead as suggested.