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Asked by peso on 2009-10-27

The TortoiseHg project would like to set up a dedicated translation group named "TortoiseHg translators"

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Henning Eggers
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Henning Eggers (henninge) said : #1

Did you check if the Launchpad Translators group might work for you, instead of setting up your own. Running your own translation group leaves you with the work of finding translators for each language, Launchpad Translators already has translators for a number of languages.


peso (peer-sommerlund) said : #2

We have been using the Open permissions policy so far, and have translators for 6 - 9 languages. One of our translators (for pt_BR) complained that low quality translations entered the stream, so he examined if the permissions policy could help. From the description it looks like the right tool: If a language has maintainors, iall contributions needs approval. If no translation team is appointed it works just like the Open permissions policy.

We now use the Structured permissions policy and Launchpad Translators as translation group. Unfortunately the same translator noted low quality translations were contributed from the Launchpad Translators team.

A TortoiseHg translation group with a translation team for this particular language looks like it would solve our problem.

We could also go back to using the open translation policy.


Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said : #3

Hi Peso,

I am sorry to hear about this.

Did the translator notified the Ubuntu Translation Group about the low quality translations?

Can you plese point the translations where you noticed the problems?

I am sure we can solve that problem and improve the translation group.

I will be happy to colaborate with you and imporve the translation process.


Wagner Bruna (wbruna) said : #4

Actually it was only one translated word:

The word "Pressionar" itself is fine, but out of context in this case. "Push" here is kept deliberately untranslated to match the Mercurial command with the same name; the same happens with other command buttons. But even if it were translated, for consistency the translation should be the same on all other uses of that word across the software, and match its actual meaning where it is used ("push" as in "push (send) a revision"; the word "pressionar" has a different meaning, as in "push a button").

So IMHO we'd need all contributions for translations already in good shape to be reviewed by someone with good knowledge about TortoiseHg itself.


Adi Roiban (adiroiban) said : #5

Hi Wagner,

Have you talked with André Gondim and tell him the current problem?

To help translators when translation ambigours text you can add a gettext comment in the source code with hints about what the text stands for and how it should be translated.

You are free to request and have your own translation group, but I strongly encourage collaboration and communication between translators.

With Launchpad is realy easy to track the author of a specific string and to contact him


Wagner Bruna (wbruna) said : #6


It'd be nice if Launchpad allowed comments to be added during the translation process. But I'll talk to the developers about extracted comments.

Anyway, since TortoiseHg 0.9 will release very soon, I think a specific translation group would be better for now.

Thanks for the help,

peso (peer-sommerlund) said : #7

As Wagner said, the release is very soon (1-nov-2009), so for this release I have cleared the translation group and set permissions back to Open.

Best Henning Eggers (henninge) said : #8

I created the translation group as requested:

Good luck with your upcoming release!

peso (peer-sommerlund) said : #9

Thanks Henning Eggers, that solved my question.