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Asked by Andrey Sitnik on 2009-10-16

How to create one package for several distribution (jaunty and karmic).

I maintain package with scripts (gedit-gmate), which didn’t depended from Ubuntu version. So it will be very useful, to have one dir to build package to jaunty and karmic. I read, that in changelog I can use several space separated distribution name , and write:

  gedit-gmate (0.9.2~aippa0) jaunty karmic; urgency=low

And script generate .changes file with:

  Distribution: jaunty karmic

But PPA return error:

  Unable to find distroseries: jaunty karmic
  Further error processing not possible because of a critical previous error.

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Julian Edwards
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PPAs don't support multiple distribution series, maybe some day though. For now, you can achieve what you want by using the "copy packages" feature. From your main PPA page, click on "View all packages" and then on that page "Copy packages".

Copy your package between the series that you need and remember to select "copy binaries" - the pool-based repository doesn't support multiple copies of the same version in different series.

Andrey Sitnik (iskin) said : #2

Thanks Julian Edwards, that solved my question.

Benjamin Bach (benjaoming) said : #3

Update: This is still the the practice.

Moreover, cjwatson's tip on #launchpad: it's usually best to upload to the oldest distribution you want to support and then copy forwards, rather than uploading to the newest and copying backwards [...] Since library compatibility tends to be better that way round