Download branch archive from browser?

Asked by Jebadiah Moore

Due to circumstances beyond my control (overflow university accomodations), my internet access is beyond a broken proxy. It's not even a simple HTTP proxy, in which case I could use this ( workaround; I cannot access the internet except through Internet Explorer on Windows. (To be entirely fair, I can use MSN Messenger as well.) I'm working on getting the issue resolved, but there's not much hope for the near future, and in the mean time I need to do work.

Thus, I'm trying to find a way to download a branch from my web browser.

bzr export to an archive format (.tar.gz or .zip) seems to cover the functionality I'm looking for on the backend; I just can't find a way to access that functionality from the Launchpad web interface. It's probably just not there (it would be useful for people behind proxies, for downloading to a flash drive to take home, and for carrying code to a 'net-less computer, but those are all limited use cases), but if it is please point me in the correct direction. Alternative workarounds would also be much appreciated (although I'd prefer not to sit there and download each file individually).

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Jonathan Lange (jml) said :

Hello Jebadiah,

You're right: the functionality doesn't exist on Launchpad. It would be a cool feature though.

I can't really think of any way to work around this by yourself. If you told me what the branch was, I could make a tarball for you with my shiny, working internet connection :)


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Jebadiah Moore (jebdm) said :

Ah, that's what I thought.

I appreciate the offer, but I've gotten it downloaded already. I do have "normal" internet access whenever I do the 45 minute bus ride onto campus (yeah, the accomodations people hate me), but since I have to come back for dinner and such, that means I don't have a lot of time to use that internet... plus, it's just a pain not to be able to have access at home.

I submitted a bug report at . (I suppose it should have been a "blueprint", but if it's going to actually get implemented it'll probably get moved, and either way I can't delete the bug report now.)

Jebadiah Moore