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Asked by Roger Sperberg on 2007-06-21

XML Copy Editor has had its messages.pot file reviewed, and yesterday I entered 125 messages translations into Khmer.

I had uploaded only an en-us .po file (before the .pot file) previously, and when I go to the Translation Status page for the template for XCE in the XCE trunk, I see en-us and Khmer.

I don't understand what is the basic setup now.

Do I see only Khmer because that's the language I have set for me in my preferences? Or is that because the developer who set this up knew to do it for that language because of my messages?

If someone comes to XCE and wants to translate into Spanish, say, how does s/he get a Spanish .po file to start working with?

Since XCE has been translated into German, French, Swedish, Slovak and Chines (simplified and traditional), I will be uploading the existing .po files for those languages shortly (what I have doesn't match the template posted -- does that matter? About 14 messages got added after message 12 so I'm unclear what would happen if I put them up without getting things perfectly aligned). So I figure those languages will show up no problem.

It's just the other languages I'm asking about :-)

I inferred that the initial messages.pot template gets fed to any language translation being made. When I looked at the Khmer translations for Ubuntu Gutsy (, then I saw lots of untranslated packages, and I had been thinking that if I looked at a package, I would see sort of the flip side -- here are all the languages for this package and the ones whose bars are entirely red have no messages translated for this package in that language.

Since XML Copy Editor isn't part of a distribution, I can understand that something is different here.

And what is that?

Do I need to somehow activate languages? Or what? I'm sort of baffled as to the next step for exposing XCE to translators from other languages.


Roger Sperberg

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Roger Sperberg (rsperberg) said : #1

I added some additional languages with which I have some familiarity in my language preferences, and voila I now see additional languages there at XML Copy Editor's translation page.

So now my question really is this: How do I learn of someone beginning to work on a translation in another language (say Thai, since I'm sending information about the program to friends who might start in that language) so as to let the developer Gerald Schmidt know about them?




By default, Launchpad shows you only languages you are interested on, we get it based on your preferences in Launchpad falling back to Web browser preferences or country languages got from your IP address.

This means that on you get only languages you are interested on.

However, if you want to see all available languages, you can follow the link 'View template & all languages...' where you will see all languages with any translation for that template + any language that you are interested on but doesn't have any translation yet.

As we always show languages users are interested on, that's how they are able to create new translations for your application.

I hope this solves a bit your doubts.

About the list of languages per distribution, is just a way to aggregate statistics. Nothing more. You don't need to set any list of valid languages, people interested on doing translations for your application will be able to do it the same way you get en_US and Khmer links.

Roger Sperberg (rsperberg) said : #3

Thanks Carlos Perelló Marín, that solved my question.